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*Sylvie`s Lingerie* ist umgezogen.
Auf einer Mall im toscanischen Stil biete ich eine große Kollektion an Lingerie und Kostümen an. Dazu zählen auch speziell Outfits für Erotik-und Belly-Dancers.
WICHTIG: Diese Kollektion wurde NICHT von mir erstellt, sondern in ganz Opsensim gesammelt.
Nach dem Motto: *Never buy in Opensim* biete ich alles *for free* an.

Rings um die Mall entstand eine toscanische Landschaft mit Hafen, Weingut und und einem typischen Dorf.

* Sylvie`s Lingerie * has moved.
I offer a large Collection of Lingerie and Costumes at a tuscan-style Mall. This also includes special Outfits for Erotic-and Belly-Dancers.
IMPORTANT: This Collection was NOT created by me, but collected all over Opsensim.
According to the Motto: * Never buy in Opensim * I offer everything * for free *.

A tuscan Landscape with a Harbor, Vineyard and a typical Village emerged around the Mall.

Der nächste Karneval kann kommen: neue Kostüme eingetroffen
The next carnival can come: new costumes arrived

New arrived: Fetish, Varnish and Leather

New Costumes arrived: Mardi Gras

Neu im Kostüm-Shop................. New in the Costume Shop

** Grand Opening**
Where: La Toya
When: 2 months ago [9 Jan 2021 11:00 SLT]

Grand Opening of my Sim with a Party......... streamed by *Sylvia*
Come in and enjoy.....

My little self-built Chapel in La Toya

Don`t forget :XD

Neue Ware eingetroffen.
New Goods arrived
*Sylvie*s Lingerie*

The Harbor

The Vineyard

*Sylvie`s Lingerie*

The Mall

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Cayoun Daydreamer what kind of shit are you telling? first of all, i don't see your name in the list of visitors; secondly, there is no ban on La Foya and thirdly, if you are crazy about the number of visitors, then get yourself a sim and do something instead of lying!
wicked So, I saw a few reviews. I went anyways, to the La Toya, Caledonia store area. Now, granted for someone who normally has issues tp'ing lately due to my connection of internet. I landed, and it was very organized, not cluttered and easy/ welcoming landing point. Not cluttered at all. The store area ...
Sylvia-Koeln Svein Bluetooth: Registered in OSW 9 Hours ago Rewiew 5 Hours ago No Sim, no Region No one was on the Sim last Night. What kind of Clown are you?

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