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Aurora/Georgetown is a 4x4 on Twisted Grid that takes its theme from Northern Ontario. Seasons are played. Georgetown Army base is the home of the fictitious 222 Svc BN. There is also a separate area with memorials. The town of Georgetown has stores for Tim Hortons, Selea Core, Tig's Treasures, Beautiful Disaster, First Things, furniture store and others. Factories, a motel, hospital, and other things set to full perm and copy. Looking for a free home? I have many beautiful homes available to live in. Have a rest at Tim Horton's Coffee shop, or gather for coffee with friends. Voice available. Reflect in the Church or remember lost ones at the stones in the cemetery. Visit the Arcade and do a bit of gambling. The Dancing Grizzly tavern is available as well. Events happen there, and as well formal ones happen at the Aurora Ballroom. You can grab a vehicle at the garage or ride a horse. There is a museum as well.
The beautiful Grey Wolf Lodge you can stay at for a visit. Also, campsites, and a trailer park. Opensim fishing right outside the lodge. Trails lead you up into the mountains to lovely spots to visit. As well, they lead you through a beautiful marshy area where you can walk over the water on the docks. Wildlife and nature at their finest. Many things to do and explore here and all are welcome. Seasons change, and contests are often part of things going on at the land. Many are open to all grids! Come on out and visit!

TODAY IS THE DAY! Aurora Georgetown's First Annual Christmas ball here on Twisted Grid. Copy and paste this address ( Georgetown ) into your map. Then, take the teleporter on the ground to the Aurora Ballroom. EVERYONE is welcome! Bring your friends, family and even strangers you meet! CW Marksman is going to be spinning some amazing tunes! See you there!.....Tig Eberdene

ALL GRIDS WELCOME! Join us for great music and fun! TP to Aurora Georgetown and then take the teleporter at Welcome to the Ballroom. 4 p.m. Grid time

Georgetown's Christmas build contest is ON! Open to ALL grids. The red squares on the ice is where you put your entry. Please keep your build inside your own square. What to build? A Christmas "scene" of your choosing. You don't have to make each piece, but you will need to put it together from your own imagination. It can be anything! Gingerbread house, Snowglobe, Snowmen, winter scene of any kind. Your imagination is the limit. Try to not use super glowy, laggy items please, and as low prim as you can. When you land at welcome, the area is towards the East on the ice. Builds can be put up until Dec. 15th. Voting starts anytime so the sooner the better. We will choose the top 3 by the most votes as of 12 noon grid time on December 20th. Come show us your stuff and have fun!

Christmas time at Georgetown! Come visit and check out the scenery. Lots of shopping available and also stores to rent and homes. (free rent)

November 11th at 10 a.m. grid time there will be a Remembrance Day service here at Aurora Georgetown. It will be held at the cenotaph at the welcome landing in the park. Afterwards, feel free to tour the army base and land. Come to pay your respects and remember all those who have paid for your freedom.
Annual Remembrance Day Service
Where: Aurora Georgetown
When: 1 years ago [11 Nov 2021 10:00 SLT]

Once again we come to the time of year to remember our fallen soldiers, and pay respect to those who have, or still are protecting our freedom.

There will be a Remembrance Day Service held at Aurora Georgetown Cenotaph in the Welcome Area Park on Thursday, November 11th starting at 10 a.m.

Everyone from all grids are welcome.

Hugs and safe paths...Tig

Once again we come to the time of year to remember our fallen soldiers, and pay respect to those who have, or still are protecting our freedom.

There will be a Remembrance Day Service held at Aurora Georgetown Cenotaph in the Welcome Area Park on Thursday, November 11th starting at 10 a.m. Make sure that you have your voice-enabled, or at least can hear, please.

Everyone from all grids welcome.

Hugs and safe paths...Tig
The contest has started! ALL GRIDS WELCOME! Come put your entry in the park or throw a vote for ones that are there! :-) $$$Gloebit prizes!
***We have a few entries out now...they look awesome. Let's see how great yours is!
Scarecrow Building Contest!
Where: Aurora Georgetown
When: 1 years ago [1 Oct 2021 00:00 SLT]

OPEN TO ALL GRIDS! Make a scarecrow, then place it within the main landing park at Aurora Georgetown. Voting boards will be placed as I see entries added. You will be able to vote until Oct. 30th when all votes will be tallied and prizes are awarded. You MUST enable Gloebits in order to receive your prize. With permission, scarecrows may be added to Holiday Haven sim to the free items available for holidays there. Your scarecrows may be made up of any material. but must be of your own original design. Come on out and participate, or at the least, check the entries and vote!

Ok soooo, do you want a store for free? How about a home? I have stores and homes in Aurora Georgetown for FREE! Come settle in a picturesque Northern Ontario town that has so much of everything! Quiet, no drama grid. Friendly people. Bring yourself, your friends, your family and make this place home! Come check it out, and contact me if you are interested.
So many new things happening at Aurora Georgetown. This is the view from the back of the bakery across from Tig's Treasures behind, and the new main landing. The pond and park are in the centre of town and a great place to sit and relax. Come have a look at all the changes.
Aurora Georgetown is undergoing a few changes! A new welcome area is being set up. More streets, and stores. A "festival" area, and hopefully some events happening soon. There are homes and stores for "rent" (FREE!) if you want to live or do business on the grid here. Lovely town, with so much to see and more to come. The leaves are turning to Fall colours. Also! A Scarecrow-making Contest in October will be to ALL grids! Start planning your designs and watch for updates! Check it out and decide for yourself.
Well, Neverworld is having issues. Right now, my oar is out on Twisted grid. It is as it originally was for now. Which grid I stay with will be decided by if Neverworld gets back to normal. This is home for now. Please come visit.
Well, the oar is up and the re-designing is ongoing. It is a bit of a mess right now, but getting there. I am excited to be doing the changes I have wanted to...knowing my original design is safely on my pc in oar form. lol Nothing worse than changing things and hating it eh? Anyways, the stores have been moved, and are open for business. Come have a look and explore all you wish.
Hey everyone. BIG news. The land has been moved over to Neverworld grid. At the moment, it is just a landing point as I am waiting for my oars to be able to have everything back. Once I have it there, I will be making a few changes. Keep an eye out for updates.

I created a new memorial today at Georgetown army base. Dedicated to all the natives who endured the residential schools and those who didn't make it.

Part of the trails through the land and up into the mountains. It is such a beautiful hike. Well worth taking the time to follow all the paths. My RL daughter Funfun61 Gloom created all of this area and it is amazing!
Grey Wolf Lodge. Areas behind the lodge house the trailer park, as well as tent areas ready to go! I welcome visitors to come and stay a while if they wish. Opensim Fishing is on the dock right in front, and many trails and nature areas are there.

This area of CFB Georgetown is representing "out in the field" type training. Trenches, firing ranges, tent areas.

Part of the army base. Lots to explore here. The base is modeled after a few I served at in RL.

Georgetown Church. Available for events if anyone has a need. The cemetery behind has stones dedicated to some who have passed away in RL who were on the grid.

View of Tim Horton's and the small lake in the center of town.

Main landing. All boards take you around land with one touch. If you get lost, click the board that says welcome to Georgetown and it will return you to the landing. There are some glitches at the moment with people landing on top of the army base tunnel, please be patient whilst I figure this out. Fly over to the welcome or try and click again. Thanks

Just outside the doors to Aurora Ballroom is this lovely romantic area. Perfect for pictures and cuddles. Come check it out!

Selea Core stuff! Huge warehouse packed with just about everything she made!

Georgetown has a nice big hockey arena. Come to skate. Summertime it changes to rollerskating! FREE skates available. Grab some lunch at the little food area and sit to relax. Looking to get hockey we can play in!
First Things is open and stocked! Everything a new avatar needs to get in tip top shape! Clothing, shapes, hair, skins, you name it! All full perm so you can mod out yourself to be all that you want to be!

The Dancing Grizzly will soon be holding events. Beautiful club that will welcome all! May even do karaoke/open mic nights! Keep a watch for event postings

Beautiful Disaster Store open. Mesh clothing, more to come.

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Maiko_Cyberstar AMAZING!!! :D
Jania Cleanslate Beautifully decorated region! and the owner is so helpful and nice!

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Beautifully done Region, very engaging Grid Owner.Tig was sweet and nice and helped me find all I was looking for, amazing place filled with awesome items enjoy shopping!
Had a great time visiting this region. So so so much to see.
darn it i cannot get there as it said unable to verify :(
Hopefully you can make it today at 10 a.m. grid time for the Remembrance Day service.
Same here, at least since the move to Twisted Grid.
I reset the opensim teleporter so should work now.
You may also want to re-initialise the beacon so the sim isn't listed as offline on OSW anymore.
darn, no regions found with that name, it says.
Still working on getting the oar loaded. Should be there soon
Amazing place and lots to explore. So much to see and do. Thank you for the beautiful places :)