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Aurora is a 4x4 that takes its theme from Northern Ontario. Seasons are played, and we are now into spring! There are a couple areas severed from Aurora sim. Georgetown Army base, and the town of Georgetown is separated. Here, you can explore the military base and memorials. Head into town where you will find shops with many free items. Have a rest at Tim Horton's Coffee shop, or by the small lake. Tig's Treasures, First Things, Occasions Formal Store, Beautiful Disaster clothing, Selea Core items, A building store with a few shops available. Reflect in the Church, or remember lost ones at the stones in the cemetery behind. Visit the Arcade and do a bit of gambling. The Dancing Grizzly tavern is available as well. Events happen there, and as well formal ones happen at the Aurora Ballroom. You can grab a vehicle at the garage, or ride the tram around the downtown area. There is a museum on the water to visit and new items coming. If you are looking for a home or store, I have some available. Free.
For some reason both the opensim teleporter and the in world map is dropping people on top of the overpass to the army base. Please either hit your LM again, or fly up to find the main landing where all teleport boards take you around the land. There is an amazing place called The Grey Wolf Lodge on Lake Aurora where you can stay for a visit. Also, campsites, and a trailer park. Opensim fishing right outside the lodge. Trails lead you up into the mountains to lovely spots to visit. As well, they lead you through a beautiful marshy area where you can walk over the water on the docks. Wildlife and nature at their finest. Two smaller islands are separated into my own home and my (RL) daughter's home. On the one side, there is Satyr farms area which will be set into working soon. Many things to do and explore here and all are welcome. Come on out and visit!

Part of the trails through the land and up into the mountains. It is such a beautiful hike. Well worth taking the time to follow all the paths. My RL daughter Funfun61 Gloom created all of this area and it is amazing!
Grey Wolf Lodge. Areas behind the lodge house the trailer park, as well as tent areas ready to go! I welcome visitors to come and stay a while if they wish. Opensim Fishing is on the dock right in front, and many trails and nature areas are there.

This area of CFB Georgetown is representing "out in the field" type training. Trenches, firing ranges, tent areas.

Part of the army base. Lots to explore here. The base is modeled after a few I served at in RL.

Georgetown Church. Available for events if anyone has a need. The cemetery behind has stones dedicated to some who have passed away in RL who were on the grid.

View of Tim Horton's and the small lake in the center of town.

Main landing. All boards take you around land with one touch. If you get lost, click the board that says welcome to Georgetown and it will return you to the landing. There are some glitches at the moment with people landing on top of the army base tunnel, please be patient whilst I figure this out. Fly over to the welcome or try and click again. Thanks

Just outside the doors to Aurora Ballroom is this lovely romantic area. Perfect for pictures and cuddles. Come check it out!

Selea Core stuff! Huge warehouse packed with just about everything she made!

Georgetown has a nice big hockey arena. Come to skate. Summertime it changes to rollerskating! FREE skates available. Grab some lunch at the little food area and sit to relax. Looking to get hockey we can play in!
First Things is open and stocked! Everything a new avatar needs to get in tip top shape! Clothing, shapes, hair, skins, you name it! All full perm so you can mod out yourself to be all that you want to be!

The Dancing Grizzly will soon be holding events. Beautiful club that will welcome all! May even do karaoke/open mic nights! Keep a watch for event postings

Beautiful Disaster Store open. Mesh clothing, more to come.

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NewStyler 3 months ago
Amazing place and lots to explore. So much to see and do. Thank you for the beautiful places :)