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Enter the Sands of Time...Alexandria, Egypt. The Great Lighthouse stands as it once did, the pride of Alexandria, one of the seven wonders of the world. A great Pyramid stands, home to Cleopatra. Please explore freely and enjoy!

ZetaWorlds is celebrating a couple of milestones. We'd love for you to join us and party for a while. We're celebrating over 16,000 friendships and over 10,000 regions (standard)! It all starts at noon, tomorrow, Saturday June 19 at . At noon grid time, Khiron Ametza kicks us off with her lovely vocals, followed at 1pm grid time, by Zoree Jupiter who sings like an angel. Finally at 2pm grid time, live mix by the one and only Missy MunK. We look forward to seeing you!
ZetaWorlds Celebrates 8 years!

Today! Saturday, March 20th beginning at 11am grid time, our festivities kick off. We have a great lineup of live performers and DJs to help us celebrate 8 wonderful years in operation.

The lovely and talented Khiron Ametza will kick us off at 11am grid time! Followed by Zoree Jupiter's incredible vocals at 12 noon. After that at 1pm grid time, Clan's Clan will bring on the fun with all the band. Next up at 2pm is Edison Rex with his incredible rock mix.

Please come by and join us in a great day of music and fun for us all.
(Please be sure to use the most recent Firestorm version to access ZetaWorlds!)

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Chilli Bean This is a wonderfully atmospheric spooky build, so much to explore and so many cool details, mind u , be careful where u sit...n dont hang around too long in the graveyard lol! Awesome job Eagle !!

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