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!! Caution, Please Be Adviced that adult activitys may occour one this / these regions!!

♥We ARE LGBTQ Friendly and supports anyone and as well accepting anyone as they are ♥

Here at Infinte Paradise we run our Yacht Buisness but we have the buisness at Infinite Industrials and its called Infinity Customs. We build yachts in most sizes but each takes diff time depending on size and amount of requierd detailing. we build mainly with the old fashion prims but also using the Prim O Mesh system along with other things to make the yachts lighter and better and we are still learning the last mentioned to become better and more precise :)

Do you want your own yacht designed and built by us? Please feel free to come visit us and tell us what you seek and wishes for in your own custom yacht and we will build it (Time will be set after the complexity of the build and as well the lenght and size matters too) we do script the yachts if they are within 45-50 meters for our current script to work properly. One thing to consider is that we run on ubode and we uses scripts currently onlyt for ubode, if you wish to have a different script put in you may provide us with info to where to find it or simply provide us with the specific script for your Yacht :) Looking forward to see anyone visit as well and all Yachts that we build is always different, along side with being on opensim we do not take " payment " for the yacht we builds, as opensim should remain free. Sharing is caring ♥

Overall to this we are on a 4x4 var water estate and we have 2 more lands connect to Infinite Paradise and we have ocean right outside our lands :) feel free to rezz a boat in the rezzing area and enjoy free range sailing thru many regions of open ocean ♥

Sincere grettings from Steve & Lexa Carlisle

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