Wolf Territories


Keep going! It's a huge project but this really could take off in a big way!! Good fun, a vast land.

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Impeccable details here, amazing textures. When I visited the Grand Ballroom I felt as though I was visiting a RL Ballroom. I have never seen textures applied this beautifully wow, not only the selection of the textures, but also they are expertly applied, well done!!

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Frank Hurt
Still under construction as of the time of this review, it's nevertheless worth visiting and landmarking. Lone Wolf and his team of cowboys and Indians are thinking BIG with this place. When I say "big" I mean massive: 512 contiguous regions ranging from ocean and navigable rivers to fields and pastures, deserts and mountains. Set in what I would estimate to be mid- to late-1800s western America, Wolf Territories features multiple settlements, a sprawling (and functioning!) railway network, steamboats, farming using the excellent Quintonia system, roleplay, and plenty more planned. Best of all, the proprietor (Lone Wolf) is a cheerful, enthusiastic, and hardworking fellow whose passion for open sim is infectious. He and his ultra-ambitious project are perfect examples of what makes this virtual world platform enjoyable to be a part of. It's been a treat watching close-up as this particular dream becomes (virtual) reality.

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