Wolf Territories Welcome

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Pacific 053 at Wolf Territories Grid, a lovely lake surrounded by mountains and rivers. Lot's of sailing!

Lone posing in a giant meadow.

The mountains of Wolf Territories Grid.

More work on the LOTR site - LOTR 1 on the map when you get to Wolf Territories Grid,

Sylvia-Koeln: that looks fantastic 13 days ago

One of our many towns. You can make a home here with a Homesteader membership $4.99 a month or a full 1024x1024 region for $24.99 details at https://grid.wolfterritories.org or contact Lone Wolf

Luna Lunaria: I love being on this grid :-) 22 days ago

Riding with a pack of wolves to the south west. Sadly while uploading this I lost them ... they've run off.

Lone Wolf on patrol.

Happy Christmas everyone. Lot's of love!

Found a small wolf pack wandering around.

Horse riding in the mountains to the south. over 800 square km of land water and more - free horse at Welcome.

More mountain views, get a horse from our welcome and explore. Note it will probably take hours of riding to ride out into the wilderness here.

Farmers! We have some great farm land ready for you to set up your home on. Reasonable prices. Please note wolves are protected in Wolf Territories Grid but we are happy to help you put up effective fences.

360 Snapshot of the new mountain range area, part of over 840 regions joined together! (land for rent!)

Luna Lunaria: Love the open spaces on this grid 1 month ago

Another new mountain range @ Wolf Territories Grid.

Come and explore!

The mountains of Wolf Territories Grid, (we have about 820 sq km), to find these mountains visit our destination guide and search for the hang glider experience. Hang Glider's are free!

Did you know you can rent a 4x4 on Wolf Territories Grid 1024x1024 with 80k Prims for $24.99 per month DISCOUNTS FOR BULK RENTALS! All our regions are connected by ocean. about 800 SQ KM of it. So you can jump on a boat and spend hours wandering around. Pre-terraformed and flat etc available. OAR loading and IAR loading if required. contact Lone Wolf at the grid (Click Search when you are at Wolf Territories.org or sign up at grid.wolfterritories.org. Discounts for charities, OAP's and anyone who is struggling financially.

Please note wolves are protected.

Luna Lunaria: I love being on this grid 1 month ago

Not sure who this snowman guy is but he don't say much just dances a lot.

Christmas at Wolf Territories Grid

Jamie Wright: I need more information about that dress. It's fascinating! 2 months ago

Trinity made me wear this hat as she finished the Christmas decorations. I feel slightly silly.

Wolf Territories Minnesota

The meadows of Wolf Territories Grid.

Live Music starting now at the Wolf Pack Club. - Click on the sign at welcome or


Starting work on the Elven CIty. (the tiny black dot is me)

Jimmy Olsen: I thought it could be a flea lol 5 months ago

Remembering Her Majesty the Queen of the UK who passed away today. :-( #sadwolf

Kylie Brimmer: RIP Queen Elizabeth :( 5 months ago

Our new land sales office is open (thanks Luna!) We'll be adding more regions during the next few days - if you can't see what you want please get in touch with Lone Wolf.

One of our event stages.

KrisTina: I thought you got stuck at the flea'alizer. 5 months ago

A strange portal has appeared at Wolf Territories Weclome...but where does it go?

KrisTina: To the flea zapper? hmm 6 months ago

Lost in a forest at Wolf Territories Grid.

Gin Leeder: Beautiful! great job! it is beautiful Wolf Territories Grid!!! 6 months ago
Do you suffer from fleas? Yes? Then head over to Luxor on Wolf Territories Grid and use Luna's De-fleeing electrical marvel! Just tp in and search for Luxor on the map (sorry Luna), or use our Destination guide!

Wolf Territories Marina .

Out for a stroll int he afternoon sunshine.

We've upgraded to our own Object Storage...experience the speed!. All our services are now in-house 5 bare metal servers running 11 VM's provide 820 1024x1024 regions you can explore, all joined together!

I've posted more info on my youtube channel about the tech. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzyzYXxLm7lPPCFUnIlcxwg

CherylFurse: SOOO BIIIIG. WOW And the best is that I didn't need to put off and on my 5 hud and AOs and scripts. It worked fantastic as if I was on my home grid. Didn't recognize that I was hypergridding. That's g... 7 months ago
In our current map, 825 1024x1024 regions are joined together. Sail our oceans, fly a plane. The equivalent of 13200 second life sims. 66,000,000 prims. Approx cost in SL would be $3960000 per month.

Misty_Falls: holy crap batman, that wolf guy has spread his territory... whatever shall we do... "sit back and enjoy the ride".... rofl... my random brain. Great Job Wolf !!! 7 months ago
New Server has been added today! More 1024x1024 regions to rent 80k prims (16 second life sims) only $24.99 per month paypal. Pre-terraformed, flat or ocean. Discounts for more regions.

THese regions are connected to our over 800 sq km Oceans for you to sail, fly etc through

Out for a horse ride.

Luciferbolt: lach 7 months ago

Working on the LOTR area.

Our new reading room building for the poetry evening coming soon

KrisTina: Very pretty as always lone. 7 months ago

Wolf Territories Ocean 20

New welcome image.

Wolf Territories Grid

Thirza Ember: Looking forward to our visit on Wednesday! 8 months ago

Wolf Territories Grid - one of our 725 1024x1024 regions

Lost in a maze at one of our castles.

Gin Leeder: wow!!! 8 months ago