Wolf Territories

Wolf Territories
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Wolf Territories is 128 4x4 regions 2048 sims of Trains, Nature, Towns, a National Park. Probably one of the largest areas in OpenSim.

Beach front apartments to the West of Wolf Territories

Wolf Hollow where it all began.

Explore the Giant caves of Wolf Territories


Explore the Giant caves of Wolf Territories


Lone Wolf's Cafe, Wolf Territories.

Temple Village.

THere are so many secret places in Wolf Territories to explore, castles, temples, villages and much more.

A last view of 2 oaks town before Lone Wolf moves on to the next place to build, Wolf Territories is over 110sq km, 128 4x4 sims joined together of land and water

Sunset over Two oaks town.

Two oaks town. Wolf Territories

Wolf Territories Horses

Wet wolf.

In the mangrove FOrest to the West of Wolf Territories.

Train pulls into Wolf Territories main station

Lone by a working Narrowboat from the UK

Lone found some wolves.

A sunny days at Wolf Territories.

Sitting on the dock of the bay. This lake is connected by river to the huge Zetaworlds ocean and the massive rivers of Wolf Territories, 110 SQM

The view to Whisky River

The Trains of Wolf Territories Part 2 at Wolf Territories

The trains of Wolf Territories. You can see them at Wolf Territories Rail-yard.

As evening draws near Lone Wolf is to be found in Wolf Territories National Park. At an old fisherman's hut

Another Random Beach :-)

Lone Wolf - Wolf Territories Peace Keeper on Patrol

Another view from the Indian Encampment

Indian Encampment in Wolf Territories Mountains

Out for a virtual walk on a random beach somewhere in Wolf Territories.

Wolf Mountain Railroad Bridge - Ride the trains from Wolf Territories Station

Snowy cabin in the mountains of Wolf Territories.

THe stone circle at Wolf Territories - but can you find it - try starting in the national park.

Wolf Territories National Park

Working boats waiting for deliveries and duties outside the station.

The Flying Scotsman arrives at Wolf Territories station after it's long journey through the mountains and rivers of Wolf Territories.

Wolf Territories Marina

Follow this river to the north then west and you'll come to Whisky River town where there is live music!

The Railroads of Wolf Territories. Running up through the mountain.

Out boating on one of the many rivers and lakes of Wolf Territories.

the forests of Wolf Territories

High Street near the station

By a bridge...

Looking accross Wolf Territories, another view from the west

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Luna Lunaria Took a trip to Wolf territories tonight and had a blast exploring. The place is so huge I finally got out the X-Wing and toured in style. It sure was fun zipping across a hundred regions. Most of the sim crossings were smooth until I got out to the eastern ocean where I my ship finally threw me out,...
Marianna Impeccable details here, amazing textures. When I visited the Grand Ballroom I felt as though I was visiting a RL Ballroom. I have never seen textures applied this beautifully wow, not only the selection of the textures, but also they are expertly applied, well done!!
Frank Hurt Still under construction as of the time of this review, it's nevertheless worth visiting and landmarking. Lone Wolf and his team of cowboys and Indians are thinking BIG with this place. When I say "big" I mean massive: 512 contiguous regions ranging from ocean and navigable rivers to fields and past...

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