Glimmerwind Forest

Glimmerwind Forest
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Penny Heberle
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8 months ago
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A wonderful place to enjoy a second childhood, or your fantasy faerie. Glimmerwind is a public "G"-rated region, with amusement rides, toys and rides, free to copy. The many shops carry all you need for your avatar, whether it be mesh, BOM or classic. An adoption center is onsite, for kids or parents to find each other. Events can be held at our luxury log cabin and dance floor.

Heyas Tweensters, don't forget, we have stuffs here in stores for you too. All the popular meshes, LS, SMB, Tweenster and Athena Flat or Petite.

Where else can you create such awesome stuff ? Aviworlds and Glimmerwind, that's where, huge mall for adults, the number one kid's SIM for the littles !!! AND of course...everything is always free to copy, and tonnes of staff available 24/7 to help you out !!! Pop in today !!
I am probably gonna start a huge fire ... bring it on, haters, I am Penny, yah, redhead.. very mean parents.. another story... I am so tired of people picking on my stuff... LOOK !!! I share stuff from other grids... don't bark at me for it's content...really, the AV has nipples, like get a life... I supply avatars, how they are used, is not on me... like what?.. you need the VR your grid's TOS... I pay attention to mine,,, if that is not good enough, then.. stay away from me and my SIM more drama, I will not tolerate anything from fakers and prudes. Get a life and get lost !!!
Come Join us... dancing and chat at our event center. Plus shopping, rides, toys and more !! Big Hugz to my Glimmerwind Friends !!
And REMEMBER we have adoption services for adoptive parents and children to find each other !!

Discover your inner magic today !! Costumes and clothes, lots of extras too. Be creative today!!

Come and get yours today!! Kids fashions for kids, all your favorite mesh bodies and clothes to match !!! Visit Opensim's top-rated Kid's SIM at Glimmerwind Forest !! Stay Tuned for EVENTS coming soon !!
This thread will be a GENERAL POLL. Yes or No to the existence of Child or Child-Like avatars, BUT you MUST leave a comment explaining why. Comments that are single word answers will be deleted. Comments that are slanderous, hateful or abusive will also be deleted. YOU are an ADULT, leave an adult response please. I look forward to the comments and different points of view.
Truly a sad day in my SIM, when i have to resort to this... a truly ugly sign, in all sense of the word. BUT kids are people too and deserve protection just like in real life. If you are a child or faerie AV, we are the top rated SIM, for Faeries and children alike. We have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy and staff online 24/7 to ensure our residents safety.

My first ever event, come by and be a superhero !!

New Dance area is ready, Our first event is this Tuesday, Jan.12th noonOST (12pmPST).... stop by and pester our DJ Ketsu Anaguma !!! Lolz, see you there !

Impromptu Dance, while testing equipment... SWEET!!

Dance Machines at the new clubhouse.... huge dance area, clubhouse for members .... events to follow soon. See ya there !

Come check us out, Family friendly park and amusement rides. Toys, rides, boats and much more

We have move-in ready homes, shopping, playground, arcade and amusement rides... come check us out.!! One lucky member will get a home on a floating island !!

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KeddyAcer Nice landscape, nice friends, healthy place. one of the best places to go

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Craig Denimore 2 months ago
Big red square in the center of the region...where all the stores are - behind ban lines.... Not worth the trip.
Jana Tenk 3 months ago
will be very pretty
I wish you success and a lot of fun
Tainted Angel 7 months ago
I get disconnected when teleporting to your world. Happens every time, hope congrats on your world.