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kohakugrid24 is not a profit company / not a professional grid.
kohakugrid24 is used for hobby/projects/fun.
kohakugrid24 doesn't deal professionally with issues.
kohakugrid24 limited accounts to trusted users only.

KohakuGrid24 Region List.

Kohaku 9.1 (Lockt invite only)

Kohaku 8.2 world



Nintendo World Project was fun but im putting it on a back burner for now.
it will still be online and open but i wil stop working on it to shift focus on other things.
i feel like i'm not learning anything from it anymore.

Region: world

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if interested older screenshots are dumpt in imgur Link:

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What they can't see they can't rip, The best way to deal with this opensim hyenas is to let them smell the meat they will never taste, Amber you brought amazing progress to opensim keep doing your amazing work because the more you achieve the louder they will cry beg and scream :))))))))))
Betty 6 days ago
hahahaha ...... "opensim hyenas" ....i can't stop laughing :))))
Amber Tanaka 6 days ago
hehe don't worry, they can hate, I don't care and I refuse to move for a few but hurt Boomers who live in tunnel vision and can't accept that each open simulator server has a different purpose. (this is not secondlife)
Sweetblack 9 days ago
what do you want to show if you keep the grid closed? ,shoot yourself without hesitation
don't be lazy make 3 more alts to cry laughter lol
Amber Tanaka 9 days ago
Grid is not closed Lol. but with that attitude i guess my server did fine keeping you out. ;)
Keep it close Amber this way Alex can't rip the oar's and sell it for miserable $50 and let all haters cry
Amber Tanaka 6 days ago
its funny that the economic grids years ago acuset us from collecting their assets (What was btw BullShit in general none needs prim and sculps)
but now a days every store you turn to is resharing or reselling our work and now their hating and ged mad if u refuse to give some stuff. (Assets junkies Lol)
FreyaJo8 12 days ago
from what I was able to see, it was a well built sim, only problem I had with it was the mega mall, I tried to tp there and it told me it was a private region and I wasn't allowed in. Strange for a mega mall to be private, I would like to think it was a glitch. I wish you lots of success with your grid.
Amber Tanaka 8 days ago
i'm pleased to hear u like what you saw.

about the region thats lockt it's not a glitch it's a whitelis region.
as you may have noticed kohakugrid focus a lot on original assets
and a lot of the assets inside that region is for different reasons not allowed to leave my grid because of licenses and agreements with different developers or community members or
not compatible with versions of opensimulator grids / region setups.
if u wish to get your hands on some of the free releasd assets from kohakugrid it's all over the hypergrid.
kohakugrid does not really distribute assets to an individual without a trusted contact individual in between.
me and most kohakugrid users mainly focus on our own grid and try to not bother too much on hypergrid.
FreyaJo8 8 days ago
then I would make two suggestions.....1-do not advertise your grid on here and shut down your beacon. This level of selfishness is the reason I left second life and I am surprised I found it here. Good luck with your grid.
Amber Tanaka 8 days ago
Boomer im not here to feed your greed & needs.
if you don't like it i suggest you to learn how to do stuff yourself.
there is lots of assets in the hypergrid that came from kohakugrid.