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Georgetown is a small Northern Ontario, Canada military town. There is a full army base within the town, as well as a woodland training area. The base is set up perfectly for roleplay if anyone wishes to.

There are many stores and homes available to rent for FREE. .

Airport, docks, shipping, commercial fishing and fishing conservation centre. Opensim fishing, marina, boating, sailing, swimming.

Come for a stay at Grey Wolf Lodge. Anyone can come stay in the fully furnished Lodge or cabins. Can you say vacation?

Beautiful parks and nature trails. Horseback riding. Roller-skating and ice skating or hockey at the arena. (Seasonal)

Tim Horton's coffee shop to chill out and relax with friends.

The Dancing Grizzly Tavern is the place to go for great entertainment. Open mic will be on soon. Sing over voice, or tell jokes, whatever you wish.

Contests are held fairly often as well as special events such as Opensim fishing, formal balls.

Awesome DJ's play the events and others are welcome too. If you wish to perform on land that can be arranged.

The church is a nice place to come reflect or even hold a wedding if you wish.

New content is added to stores often. There is even a dating agency on land if you want to find someone to enjoy your online time with!

No Frills Grocery store, other fast-food places.

The land is seasonal so come on out and enjoy whatever the season has to offer.

All welcome on my land. Come explore, set up a shop or live in beautiful Georgetown.


Funfun has been ready for Halloween since last Halloween!

Scarecrow making contest! Entire month of October!
Where: Georgetown
When: 20 days ago [1 Oct 2020 14:32 SLT]

Hey everyone! Halloween season is upon us. Chilly nights and scary frights!
This October for the entire month Georgetown is holding a scarecrow making contest. When you come to Georgetown you will land at the welcome area. There is a teleporter on the ground. Take it to Tim Horton's to see my scarecrow and find a lightpost down there somewhere for your creation!
It is pretty simple. Create a scarecrow out of whatever you want. Any type...scary, funny, whatever your imagination comes up with.
Come to Georgetown and place your scarecrow against one of the light posts in the downtown area where the stores are.
When I see ones placed, I will rez out a voting board beside it.
We can vote for the ones we want all month. When the end of the month comes we will tally the votes and award prizes to the best ones!
$$$ prizes!
This contest is open to anyone, from any grid. Please keep your prims as low as you can.
I have placed the one I made in front of my Tim Horton's coffee shop. I have a voting board and feel free to vote for me, but I will not take a prize if I get in the running...all my money goes into the contests. :-)

Ok so how to make a scarecrow? I will tell you how I made mine. I rezzed out a mesh shirt, pants and boots. Then, I added a pumpkin for a head and a hat on top. I used branches I had for the arms. I used a round prim to go over the pumpkin and found a transparent face on pngguru. (you can use google, draw one or whatever!
Last thing, I made a post to place him on. And Voila! My vampy Scarecrow was created.

I am certain you can all think up some wayyyy cool stuff! Let's see whatcha got!

Come on out and have fun with the season here at Georgetown!

Oh and while you are here, take the teleporter up to the Halloween area,.....if you dare! mmmmwwwwaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha

We will be having a costume ball at the end of October and tally our votes for that day. (To be announced)
Happy Halloween to you all! Hugs.....Tig (Tigerkitti Eberdene)

Where: Georgetown
When: 20 days ago [1 Oct 2020 11:34 SLT]

ON FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER! Georgetown's very own Halloween area is OPEN! FREE magic stuff at the shop!. Party at the bar with the skeletons. Stay for a while at the motel. Tour through the houses and swamps, venture into witch or zombie areas. The forest has lovely creepy surprises. Get a pumpkin at the farm, and more! Go through the Lycan or corn mazes. Venture into the swamps and other area. Check out the freak show and especially the fun house! Come on out for a treat...or a trick. hehehe Bring friends to hold your hand

Tig's Treasures store is now OPEN at Georgetown. So many items to choose from! Kitchen, living room, bedroom, textures, doors, wall art, fish tanks and betta bowls, snowglobes, religious items, Some Christmas, and more being added all the time. Come check it out. Take the teleporter on the ground at the Georgetown Welcome landing. Other stores on land. Dating agency, Beautiful Disaster being stocked now as well. Many things to see and do here! Come on and check it out!
CFB Georgetown is a full Canadian military base replica, complete with barracks, canex, gym (that you can actually work out in! Pool and diving, training areas, memorials and more! Come check it out. Some work still being done. Perfect place to roleplay if you wish. Snowbirds fly over the land. (update to those soon also).

Come check out the changes! It is fall in Georgetown (formerly known as DragonMoor) Lots to see and do! Changes happening to the land.

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Johnny This place is awesome. Well done! Definately worth touring. THANK YOU for sharing. :)
Jimmy Olsen Wanna see army or army related stuffs? that s the sim to go :)

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Mystic Moonlight 9 days ago
enjoyed the halloween area great job!! will be back to visit the other areas soon !!
Purrfectt Katt 10 days ago
Amazing awesome place, loved it!!
Johnny 1 month ago
This deserves a COOL BEANZ! :D lol Nice.