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WE ARE NOT A SHOPPING OR FREEBIE REGION - We are a role playing and educational region. Welcome and Information Center for Asgard & The 9 Norse Realms of Norse Mythology and Viking culture. Our Asgard started in Second Life as Asgard Aito until Ragnarok. We moved to Opensimulator and now a work that has been 3 years in the making, and the builds prove it, is ready and open for those who love anything Viking. We offer free parcels and for those who have what it takes to play a Norse god, regions to develope. We are not affiliated with any of the other Viking, Norse, or Nordic grids though we welcome the fellowship of them. We are about history, folk lore, legends and anything to do with the 9 Norse Realms which includes Asgard (that's us) and Midgard. Come and explore and see Yggdrasil and the 9 realms re-imagined for your pleasure. Visit Odin's favorite castle...Valhal, located in New Valhalla. Explore the home of Thor's mother, Jord, in Ultima Thule and roam the ancient lands of Muspelheim. Find peace in Alfheim (Alpheimr) and dark mysteries in Helheim and the list goes on. We are fully 19 regions not including the welcome center. The blacklands of Utgard called Svarta Eyja hold untold mysteries and tests for men and women to prove themselves by. Built and designed by one of our own whom we prize. The underwater realm of Aegir, designed by Lady Sif and the Land of The Norns in Asgard done by Skuld the youngest of the Norns. Rich in tradition and historical mythology it's a place worth visiting.

We also have all of your favorite Flora items for all your landscaping needs - Including 512 texture packs. Don't forget to stop by "Flora" and see more full sized displays and get your landscaping products there.
Beautiful park setting to relax, chat with friends (no voice available so type fast), swimming, greedy and chess games or just a causal walk on the beach all in a very natural and rustic setting. Visit, you won't be disappointed.

Medieval and pre medieval furniture, appliances and other medieval items in Ragnar's Store.

We offer original built log homes in 4 different versions, original built fortress and green house.

KIDS STUFF!! YES we welcome children at least until you start misbehaving. We are a general rated grid and we have a dress code and behavior code for kids.

WE HAVE UPDATED OUR WELCOME CENTER: Now you can find more avatars adult, child, and critters. Clothing? YES we have more items in men's wear now! Medieval supplies, clothing, household and Original built Log Homes built by Thor himself. "It's Thor's by Thunder!"

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Lynnestra Parker A large Norse area. Plenty to explore and the people are welcoming and friendly. The welcome area has Norse/Viking clothes for free. A beautiful build!
NewBeginnings A place that take you back in time spiritual time Come Join your friend and Explore

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