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We tried to create a place with a Medieval - Renaissance type feel to it. With that being said, I am sure any Historical buff (geek, scholar, nerd) will not approve. LOL. Think of it instead as more like a Renaissance Fair that you attend. You will see historical elements, people dressed in period clothing and speaking and acting in ways of that time frame. You can also see normally dressed people (in modern day clothing) at the fair to partake in the fun of the event.

We have an array of music venues on the sim (that can be accessed by tp) to promote the fun of the times With the Main Venue to be the Gypsy Camp. Dj's will be hosting events several times a week (including some but not all weekends) and at different times during the day. This will include different genres of music or a mix-mash of music in one event. To list a few of the venues: Village Square, Smuggler's Cove, Siren's Cove and The Stones.

We will / are also providing a limited number of free housing on the sim (staying within the theme of the sim and available to members of the Fire and Ice Grid ONLY). They have rental signs on each, and you must remember to log in and claim your home before it expires to remain the 'caretaker' of that home. At this time, I am not sure if I will allow a prim allowance as the homes are furnished (within theme) and since we have a very large Public Sandbox available on the grid. If you notice that a home is rented, please respect others privacy and not enter their home. The Castle / Keep is my home on the Sim, and even though I am overjoyed that you have come for a visit, please ask before barging in on me (lol). I have made a group for Masqueradia, and that will have to be joined in order to rent a home on the Sim and also be the first to know of Events (music, contest, or otherwise).

Siren is Spinning at the Gypsy Camp
Where: Masqueradia
When: 1 years ago [20 Aug 2020 13:00 SLT]

Siren will be playing a mix of Classic Rock at the Gypsy Camp venue. All welcome to attend and get your Groove on.

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Power OfGreen 1 years ago
Really Beautiful and wonderful to wander it inspired me to join the grid! hugss
Siren Song 8 months ago
Thank you for such a kind post. Hugs :)