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Headquarters of the Virtual-HG Magazine
Reyn Softly
Fitheach Eun
Trey Magnifique
Marianna Monentes

I created a tutorial about creating mesh avatars. It is quick and not deep in the details, it is just to get you started creating your own unique mesh avatar. http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...

Thirza Ember: Good job! 5 days ago

You simply must visit Lost Gardens of Apollo http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...

OpenSimUser: Where might this be located? Care to share a link? Thank you 15 days ago
I worked on our teleport HUB today at VHG! Great destinations added, Phantom Rose, HG Safari, and others! Next time you visit Virtual-HG HQ check it out~Thank you Encantada for the beautiful Ball Fountain!
When I first began reviewing regions and giving interviews in opensim, my hope was to inspire others to work with me promoting all the amazing and talented people of the Metaverse. At one time we had Sunbeam Magic and her team that highlighted opensim with great articles and interviews, she is missed. A couple of weeks ago I see Thirza Ember back wanting to promote opensim again with region reviews and interviews, with her HG Safari!! She just posted a great Counter Earth interview on her website that you will enjoy reading.
https://hgsafari.blogspot.com/2022/01/counter-tops.html To learn more about Thirza Ember please read our Virtual-HG interview here http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...

Apollo_Star: Great the HG Safari's going to start again. 18 days ago

Please read our Virtual-HG Exclusive Thirza Ember of HG Safari

I just updated the Virtual-HG archives and placed them at the Virtual-HG headquarters in a box by the kiosk. There are great articles of the year past! This is one of my favorite covers. Check them out!

Now onto a new year with great regions to feature!! We look forward to visiting your grid or region. We will be stopping by soon!
We all have our own reasons as to why we admire and respect Fred Beckhusen. I just added another reason too. He created the Wonder Woman avatar to be low poly and clothes are painted on. What is so awesome about her is she is perfect for HG teleporting, clothes stay on and rez fast when arriving, she is also beautiful. I love her and think I will keep her. Thank you Fred!
We are seeking artists to join our Mind Odyssey exhibit featuring psychedelic arts! If interested please contact me here at OSW messaging for all the details! We will be opening the region for the artists, then we will be opening the exhibit to the public to view their works.
You will see art of Cherry Manga and Amaranthim Talon. Please consider joining us.

Journey of Tiers has posted!! Has Trey found Madame B? Please read to find out~ http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...

We have new articles at Virtual-HG! Please read about Fred Beckhusen's Alexandria, and Fitheach Eun explains Magic! http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...

We have asked Han Held to join our team!! She will be featuring the art of the Metaverse, writing about the regions and grids that appreciate the arts! You will find her articles at our Virtual-HG page by clicking the "Art" tab. Her first article will be in January, we will keep you posted!! Welcome to the team Han! Check out the team page! http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/virtual-...
We have begun creating our "Odyssey of The Mind" art exhibit. We are currently working on the landscaping and island, then we will begin on the art. For those interested in contributing art, we will be accepting psychedelic mind-expanding works, please contact me here in IM if interested.
Today the 15th of November is the deadline to get all articles in for December. Thank you to those who submitted their articles and ads it is much appreciated. We have made progress on moving our website over to the new site. All the Journey of Tiers articles are now moved, and the Opensim Roleplay by Fitheach Eun. Moving forward we will be adding the new exclusive interviews as they happen. We have very creative residents of the metaverse new interviews soon to come. As we visit regions we will be also highlighting those in our Grid Showcase! We will be stopping by soon to see the projects you have been working on.
Making Progress! Moving the site over to the new Virtual-HG website, we have all the Journey of Tiers articles moved over. The last article is at top, please just scroll down to the first article! Reading it again from the beginning has me smiling, that Trey Magnifique is sumthin' special :) http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...
This is the From the desk of... page This is where I will be publishing my thoughts and also promoting you! The metaverse has brilliant creators who we love to promote. Please consider featuring your region as our grid showcase. http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/2-uncate...
We are making progress, slowly moving the Virtual-HG site over, this has been fun!
http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/index.php/virtual-... In time the hope is to have all the articles moved over. The Weebly zip was not compatible so I will have to "copy". It will take some time. We appreciate you guys! Keep building and making your grids and regions great, I will be by soon for interview Thanks for supporting us!

I have been working on a new Joomla site. The hope is to have our Virtual-HG magazine here. Moving it to Joomla. This is it so far, with much work left to do. http://continuum.outworldz.net/jOpensim/

We have published our November 2021 issue online! Please read the articles here:

Opensim Roleplay with Fitheach Eun

From the desk of...Abandoned Photo Journal

Grid Showcase Wyldwood Bayou

Exclusive Interview with Roddie Macchi

Thank you for your continued support!
Our magazine is coming together. We will publish November 1st. In this issue please find-
Journey of Tiers
Exclusive Interview-Roddie Macchi of GCG
Grid Showcase-Wyldwood Bayou's Anniversary
From the desk of...Abandoned Photo Journal
This edition will all be online. https://www.virtual-hg.com/
We are adding LM to your grids at the Virtual-HG Headquarters
If you would like your grid added please add your LM to our mailbox at Headquarters~continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Virtual_HG
We love featuring you, keep up the excellent work!
Virtual-HG Metaverse Magazine features articles about your regions and exclusive interviews. Thank you for submitting your article ideas and region details to be featured, we will be by soon. To those of you wishing to be featured please just contact me here at OSW so that we can schedule a tour of your region or grid. Please visit us online https://www.virtual-hg.com/ to see the latest news. Thank you very much for making opensim so awesome!

Going as Jessica Rabbit this year :)

Many of you have questions about how to Roleplay, where to start to get set up. Fitheach Eun is a Roleplay Mentor with years of experience. We thought it would be great to add her page to the Virtual-HG website https://www.virtual-hg.com/opensim-roleplay Fit will be publishing a new article in November. As you scroll down the page you will see all the published articles to date. There is also a nice search box there so that you can search specific words or phrases too.
Virtual-HG Exclusive interview for November "Roddie Macchi" We wanted to give Great Canadian Grid (GCG) a chance to get established again and thought it would be a great time to ask what all is new in the GCG! We asked questions many of you have asked or wondered about, so stay tuned!

Fitheach Eun with another great Opensim Roleplay article!
Trey Magnifique is getting closer to finding Madame B, where they be dragons maybe Madame B!

We will be publishing online in November, I will post the link here when we do.
Virtual-HG Metaverse Magazine features articles about your regions and exclusive interviews. Thank you for submitting your article ideas and region details to be featured, we will be by soon. To those of you wishing to be featured please just contact me here at OSW so that we can schedule a tour of your region or grid. Please visit us online https://www.virtual-hg.com/ to see the latest news. Thank you very much for making opensim so awesome!
Please read all that Wyldwood Bayou has to offer! https://www.virtual-hg.com/grid-showcase/wyldwood-bayou featured also in the inworld issue located at Virtual-HG HQ continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Virtual_HG
Nara Malone is featured in our October Exclusive Interview. If you are unable to pick up the magazine you can read about her online too at our Virtual-HG website https://www.virtual-hg.com/exclusives/nara-malone She is a gifted artist that I think you will enjoy reading about.
The Outworldz DreamGrid is a free, pre-packaged Windows-compatible virtual reality Opensimulator system that is easy to install, easy to run, and powerful. It is free and is open source.

Anyone can run their own grid from home or at work. DreamGrid automatically configures routers for the Hypergrid with Plug and Play. It is preconfigured for the Hypergrid, and has the "Diva" version of OpenSim Diva’s WiFi admin interface running in Grid mode. It takes just one click to launch and enjoy the seamless border crossings and Second Life compatibility.

You can finally have an easy-to-use virtual world with HyperGrid capability, automatic backup and easy-to-load simple OpenSim Archive (OAR) and Inventory (IAR) files. https://outworldz.com/Outworldz_installer/

Who woulda thunk it? FREE!!
We just published our October 2021 issue!
Virtual-HG October issue features...
Exclusive Interview Nara Malone
Grid Showcase Wyldwood Bayou
Journey of Tiers
From the desk of
Opensim RP by Fitheach Eun

Thank you for your continued support!
October 2021 inworld magazine will be published Oct. 1st, it will be the last inworld magazine. Our online magazine Virtual-HG https://www.virtual-hg.com/ will be where we publish our future articles. It will all be online. Thank you for supporting us inworld we loved featuring you. ❤❤
Virtual-HG magazine will be publishing October 1st. 2021 This is a great time for you to send your info of your October events so that it can be featured. We have a mailbox at our Headquarters continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Virtual_HG Please drop a notecard with your information here by Sept. 15th to be included! Thank you for your continued support it is much appreciated!!
For those of you who cannot stop by and pick up a magazine, you can read the Exclusive Interview of Luna Lunaria here https://www.virtual-hg.com/exclusives/luna-lunaria also Huga Bug's Barefoot Dreamers here https://www.virtual-hg.com/grid-showcase/huga-bugs-barefoo... We appreciate your support! Thank you
We have published a year of Metaverse news!!
To those of you who did not know that I had it in me, well neither did I, but your regions really do inspire me! I also love to interview the members of our community so that we can get to know them better, it enriches all of us!

We Published!! Please IM for your Kiosk!!

We feature Luna Lunaria in an exclusive interview, she is a fascinating person! Lannorra Sion is opening a fantastic new RP Phantom Rose Bayou!! We will also be featuring Barefoot Dreamers by Huga Bug! A beautiful grid to explore created with help and ideas of Joe Builder and friends! Fitheach Eun will highlight RP techniques. Rogue Galaxy bio and info on how to book her. The Journey of Tiers continues in search of the elusive Madame B! Please look for the July Anniversary at our Virtual-HG HQ!!
July publication is our 1st Anniversary issue!!

Virtual-HG turns one year old!!

Yep, it has been a year of featuring the Awesome people of Opensim! Thank you everyone for supporting us and inviting us to explore your regions and learn more about your projects, we appreciate you!

July we feature great people like Huga Bug's Barefoot Dreamers and the exclusive interview with Luna Lunaria! Two great ladies of opensim, please make sure to pick up your copy July 1st! Image is Luna's main region. Check out her Gloebit Emporium main.mobiusgrid.us:80:Lunaria Gloebit Emporium
We just published our June 2021 issue! In this magazine please find:
Laura Ess of Seconds
Journey of Tiers
Fitheach Eun Opensim Roleplay
From the desk of...Echo Rainforest
Grid Showcase Ellen Tiratzo's The Big Easy in Osgrid

Please pick up your copy here! continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Virtual_HG

Just a note June 2021, this makes our twelfth issue. July 2021 we turn one year old :)
Please make sure to pick up a copy of VIrtual-HG magazine and read Fitheach Eun's Opensim Roleplay. Fitheach has been a roleplay mentor for many years and has experience teaching roleplay techniques.
Virtual-HG enjoys publishing information about your projects, regions and grids!! Featuring you is genuinely a passion of mine. I love to learn all about what has been keeping you busy! Please consider sharing your news in our monthly magazine. It is simple to add your news. We have a mailbox at our Virtual-HG headquarters where you can drop off a notecard with your news. Ads too, if all you have to share is an ad we accept that too! Please stop by anytime, the mailbox is outside next to the OSW teleporter. continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Virtual_HG
July we turn one year old!! Thank you for all your support, we appreciate you.

Please stop by and add your notecard info to our mailbox, we love news about your regions and projects! continuum.outworldz.net:8002:Virtual_HG

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Johnny Rebel Very nice. Love how you set the background to make it look MUCH LARGER to. Nice effect! :)
Passion Jumanji Very lovely place Marianna! ;) TY for the invite and all the help and encouragement! Will see you again soon sometime! ;) God Bless & Huggelz! Sprinkles Fairy Dust of Blessings Upon you and your grid! ;)

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