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Discovering Breath
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Welcome to Little Breath grid

New near the Dating Club, sea access and sailing boats you can all use....
New you can also ask Mayor Honeymoon to take you arround to show you many places .... but you better not jump out of the boat during the visit near the Crazy Sea !

try a fly.... on a pelican ;-)


enjoy a relaxing canoe ride


new boards with clear informations and help, new website fast and easy to use


Fantasia island


more fun for all


Region is getting bigger, Friendship Flags Club rezzed and getting ready, canoe boating, getting ready, meeting & show rooms too... and much much more


SPECIAL OFFER, water region plus home region !


Little Breath grid is the new Breath in Freedom grid... a place to set home and to build, to enjoy chatting with other residents and always share the best ideas and moments.


Find the LM of the region to visit


Little Breath tobacco shop

save your health, smoke 1 cigarette less every day !
Be Happy, meet, build, chat, dance, visit, play, ride, sail,..... There is so much to do, and even much more when you own your own region ! Uploads are free, region can be set to Gloebits money if you prefer.

Discover all Little Breath grid has to offer, region prices, free parcels, free shops, region to visit, region coming soon, DATING CLUB, Amusement, fishing, riding ....

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