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Discovering Breath
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Welcome to Little Breath grid, large choice of free parcels, some with sailing boats and sea access, free shops availables, regions, water regions, VAR regions availables....
The grid of friendship and love.
Here we have many clubs to dance, to meet, to date, parties, games, ridables animals ( horses, birds sea turtles, vehicules, boats, ....).
You can DJ, dance, play games, go fishing, meet, date, set on free parcel, and shop shop shop thousands of freebies ....Come to visit ;-) to know more, all informations are at the welcome area.

Party with DJ Flash at the Flags
Where: Discovering Breath
When: 8 days ago [8 Jan 2021 02:30 SLT]

Non-Americans!!!!!! American Early Risers!!!!

It's time for the Weekend Blastoff (Friday 08-Jan 2021 NOW at 02:30AM Grid Time) at the Flags Club in the Little Breath Grid Welcome area.

Come...join Flash Coolbreeze and start your weekend off with throbbing, music meant to get your heart pumping, blood flowing, feet moving. Music to get your weekend started right! (No matter if you spend the weekend partying in Opensim or Partying in RL the weekend blastoff is gonna help you get it started..

Nothing but high energy music....guaranteed to get you dancing around your chair and waving your arms in RL!!


2021 is here and Little Breath offers you more, more freebies, more fun... more clubs
but most important and extraordinary choice of various regions where you can set home...
Get your region, get your parcel, rent a scenic spot and sail ... ( some have homes, boats, and fun adult furniture so ready to use )

Fun Christmas gifts for all in the dating Club

for a free account,
to get a free scenic parcel, free shop ... or to get your own region
Here we have parties many times a week, in different clubs and we play different musics
Here you can ride horses, sail, boat, swim, dive with sea turtles, fly on birds... and much more
This is a fun friendly grid, hosted with the best servers and what makes it so different is also ......the owner is a crazy builder ;-)

New at the welcome.... The Music & Events Pergola.... Just for you to see places, music and DJ...All is planned there and the signs give the LM on touch !!!

JOIN US NOW, it is free
for a free account, free scenic parcel, free shop and fun... or to get your own region
for a free account, free scenic parcel, free shop and fun... or to get your own region

New near the Dating Club, sea access and sailing boats you can all use....
New you can also ask Mayor Honeymoon to take you arround to show you many places .... but you better not jump out of the boat during the visit near the Crazy Sea !

try a fly.... on a pelican ;-)

enjoy a relaxing canoe ride

Fantasia island

more fun for all

Region is getting bigger, Friendship Flags Club rezzed and getting ready, canoe boating, getting ready, meeting & show rooms too... and much much more

SPECIAL OFFER, water region plus home region !

Little Breath grid is the new Breath in Freedom grid... a place to set home and to build, to enjoy chatting with other residents and always share the best ideas and moments.

Find the LM of the region to visit

Little Breath tobacco shop

save your health, smoke 1 cigarette less every day !
Be Happy, meet, build, chat, dance, visit, play, ride, sail,..... There is so much to do, and even much more when you own your own region ! Uploads are free, region can be set to Gloebits money if you prefer.

Discover all Little Breath grid has to offer, region prices, free parcels, free shops, region to visit, region coming soon, DATING CLUB, Amusement, fishing, riding ....

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Valkar Huge group of sprawling regions.. and the Owner is very very nic. She is also very accessible to help with any problems anyone has. That and a great sense of humor makes her and little breath num,ber 1 in my book
DonitoDarkstone very nice and quiet place, all easy to find, no lag

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