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Well, you see, the Landlord is a tightwad, so's we started with a small budget. Tiny, some would say, not me, I'm happy 'nuff.
And I needed a place I can do the Experimentin' what sometimes leads to the Explosions. And the Landlord, he's allays whining about the noise and dust and broken rock and the smoke and the lack of wildlife and vegetation.
To save money, I started with Flats. Then, as I tramped around trying to decide how to protect the Flats from the Explosions, bits of it started to sink, and get a wee bit damp like. Maybe them Explosions is an accelerant.
Soggy, some would say, not me, I like it fine. In fact, it developed what some might call a Patina of Mud, is that Uptown or Downtown? So's I calls up the Landlord's wife and asked iffn the place can be called The Mudflats.
Well, she's pretty nice, some would say, including me. So then it was The Mudflats :) and then the Landlord sez no way, pal, you ain't payin' for for name changes. So's we agreed to drop the word "The" from the name and now it's Mudflats.
Cuz, really, he didn't want people showing up to see flats, and gettin' all muddy like, then they call him. I'm not sayin' he's lazy, some would say that.

Lotta sims start the same: flat. And I figured, why put all that work into a sim when flat is a pretty good end point too.
Then the Landlord says I'm not havin' some place on this world called Flat, so figure somethin' out.
The the Landlord's wife she speaks up and says Mud is easy 'nuff, iffn I can find the time to make mud.
And the Landlord grumbled, but he allays grumblin' 'bout sumthin', and Mudflats - now it's interestin' 'nuff.

Explosion Flats! What?! No!
GoldenFlats? No
Epicurean Flats?, no, Wayside Flats?, no, Boing-de-boing Flats?, no, Frito Flats?, no, Drumstick Flats?, WHY? NO!
How's 'bout [dramatic pause] Las Flats? No, I'm exhausted. It's muddy, and it's flat, which is weird, and it needs a name pronto!
Mudflats home to Trey Magnifique, yer all invited.

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