Manifest Destiny Adult


the region was well done but the person over it angel used her power to harass the newcomers and passed around misleading info about people that she gained from other region owners blacklisting people that didn't need to be when the region was abandoned and passed to us a lot of the people who resided there said they were glad she was gone and didn't want her return even the grid owner and I quote "said the grid seems to operate better and had fewer issues since she was gone and things were smoother ".

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jkatana writer
Hi Folks i also agree with Destiny257Seranade comment this place is awesome it is well put together and very creative check it out for your self. Lot to see and explore had to fly to take it all in. Met Wicked she is very nice and very helpful keep up the good work and Ty for your friendship stay safe smiles.

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Wow...I just visited Manifest Destiny and the place is absolutely breath taking! You are an awesome landscaper! Beautiful job and well done! Very friendly owners that make you feel welcome right away! Bravo!

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