@Typhaine Artez ↔Purple Swan
New AVsitter plugin !
That one is a simple plugin playing extra animations on poses you configure. One typical example is to play bento hands animations to various expressions, holding objects (or limbs ^^), but it's not limited to it.
The plugin box is available as always at Purple Swan store :
@Typhaine Artez ↔Purple Swan
Bento hands animations set, to use with the new AVsitter Anim plugin
Available at Purple Swan store :
@Typhaine Artez ↔Purple Swan
I have updated my NPC plugin for AVsitter2.

Now when all "real" avatars unsit, the remaining NPCs are deleted too. This now works like PMAC.

You can find it at the Purple Swan store :
Welcome! new shop Ni-Max Home & Decor! maybe you already have the perfect home, but... This is a store you NEED to go to enjoy the beautiful, the exceptional design of the furniture and decor! :)
@Typhaine Artez ↔Purple Swan
I have added the old AVsitter 1.29 in the store.
The interest of this old version is to replace AVsitter2 with it when you have simple objects that do not need all the features of AVsitter2.
It's very low on resources compared to its successor, so if you have many sitters on your region with AVsitter2, that could help for all chairs, beanies, etc...
At Purple Swan store, direct taxi : hop://

new test Lucky
Agnes Dress HUD

Welcome to the PARADOX, do not miss the update!!!
Junte-se ao grupo!

@Typhaine Artez ↔Purple Swan
For users of the old Femme Body Alpha6.
I have added a box at the store.This box contains a little Hud that will permit you to apply texture UUIDs directly, for the body (upper and lower textures) and all old Athena head (not BoM).
Get it there: hop://
@Typhaine Artez ↔ Not so Naughty
Not So Naughty store is splitted in two parts. One is for BDSM items.
I have changed the store logo for this, so that the BDSM part is easily identifiable.

Welcome! new shop Bonnie & Clyde

BDSM Themed fully functionnal chessboard available at the store
Taxi : hop://

@Typhaine Artez
Another update for Drinks Dispenser at the store. Improved drinks setup by clicking them, and communication between the server and the drinks.
The Drinks Dispenser is a tool to setup all drinks for the whole region in one object. A satellite script can be dropped into any object elsewhere to make it a drink dispenser from the server. You can have as many dispensers as you want on the region, with a single server containing drinks.
Note : it needs 2 OSSL functions to work, be sure to have the right to execute them (see README in the box)

Welcome to the PARADOX, do not miss the update!!!
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We are looking for a clothing manufacturer for the PARADOX region to fill stores!There are those who wish to contribute?

5 texture options, 51 chair anims for singles/couples, 16 pg ANIMS

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Kylie Brimmer 2 months ago
I was told that scararium grid and regions are closed to hypergrid.
sweet illusion 7 months ago
are there moderators/owners of sacrarium/paradox..i have been trying to get in there..keeps saying not verified..this is for "dream lapis" but i was able to go there thru the years as "sweet illusion"..a few weeks ago i tried to log into AMV and was told i couldnt..there was someone that took my name and all..even my IP address..the only way i could PROVE i wast that person was to show owner of AMV my ip information..i was banned a few places because of this HOPING that is not the issue with sacrarium..HELP
sweet illusion 7 months ago
tried again sweet illusion account can tp here from Zetaworlds..but not dream lapis from little breath..can someone PLEASE help..and NO little breath allows tp's into sacrarium
sweet illusion 7 months ago
please let us in..what is this avatar ..UNABLE TO VERIFY IDENTITY
Zuzu Bahro 1 years ago
What a great place to shop and explore. Thank you sharing it with us.
Inspirenature 1 years ago
enjoyed the items and music :)