Johnny Rebel's Home

Johnny Rebel's Home
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This is just a huge 4x4 I terraformed into chains of sandy islands. I placed my home here, but there is MILES of land I need to tree in, and landscape? I got a tropical home & pool with trees, tides, tunes, a dance heart, and dance ball with NPC's. As well as a line dancer, dance floor, greedy dice game, poker, and UNO. Hey, who says home can't be fun! :P lol ;) All are welcome. Come n check it out if yah want? Just remember. I have a server to run, as well as real life, and this IS a work in progress... when I have time. :P So if my avatar is there. Don't mean I always am? lol xD Enjoy! :)


Net had a "spit-n-fit" earlier, but all is fine again. I apologize if anyone tried to get on at any point, and couldn't. hugs n high 5's :)


Still amusing. Never gets old. lol ;)


HUGE tree, now with a large dance area,and later a house, and other things to be added WAYYYY up here! lol ;)


Dunno why it says 0 avatars here. I AM here. Even when I need go AFK. It is my home now? xD lol

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