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Welcome region [Rebelworld Civic Center] will be used to watch movies, and/or video music, host future events, socialize, and many other plans for the future. A place to hang out, and socialize together. NO Drama. No Harassment. Have fun. :) Design of UC by Nebadon.


Net had a "spit-n-fit" earlier, but all is fine again. I apologize if anyone tried to get on at any point, and couldn't. hugs n high 5's :)

***UPDATE*** Added at Rebelmart PORTAL to (Welcome) Rebel Civic Center, as well as a landmark on the same board to the Avatar Center, and the return portal back to Rebelmart! YAYYY! Also ALL original in-world portals ARE WORKING to various points in Rebel Civic Center (Welcome)! Sooo Happy! :) [Thank you Mystic]^^
More older items than what came with the City have been added now as well. Added the Avatar Center on the outskirts of the Civic Center Regions across the bridge from the fishing area offshore. Portals need remapped [soon hopefully] sorry, as I increase this grids size, but flying IS allowed on ALL my worlds. lol :) It has a ton of the older, [often needed] Avatar related items. [male, and female section]. Nothing fancy, or new. Just free stuff if anyone needs it. I do this all on my own always, on the time I am able. Same as ALL published, and non-published regions in my world? Not trying to be #1 anything... lol Just sharing a tiny piece of my world. Enjoy! :)

Rebel Civic Center

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Johnny 9 months ago
Before anyone says it? This IS an older oar. Not a new build. It's a great place to build to suit your needs. As well as usable for MANY fun activities. Not claiming this is a new, or original creation. lol :P Enjoy exploring it if you decide to look around. It was HARD to get this to all load properly, as 1 part kept getting left unloaded in peoples shared megaregion versions of these oars. It took loading 4 seperate older 256x256 non-mega region oars into 1 large megaregion in 4 seperate X, Y, Z, area assigned parts to get it to import properly. lol xD