Welcome - Fire And Ice Grid

KrypticKayos 3 months ago
Coming TODAY 9-10-2022 We are having a event - Dance - Come as are - To the New Valle Nautical Club on Event sim in Fire and ice grid. Dj Julia spinning at 2pm grid time. Hope to see you there. :)
wicked 12 months ago
Fire and ice currently is going thru a unscheduled maintenance. I am sorry, for the inconvenience. The Grid should be back accessible in a day or two, please bare with us. Should you have questions or need assistance, reminder discord access, fb access and website should have some infor. for contact. If you need to send a message thru me, just shoot me a message via opensimworld.com

Thank you..
Dabici132 2 years ago
Hello, is your region accepting hypergrid visitors? If yes, how to get our identiy verified ?
Fire And Ice Grid 2 years ago
Hi yes, its accepting hypergrid visitors and I don't have identity checking. Anyone from any grid should be able to just use the URI in the map and tp.
jone9081 3 years ago
No lag and very reliable!