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Romantic Italian lakes and nature have inspired Shangrilla-Dolls World variable region. This installation and art-decorative interior promoted by Amonn & Shangrilla-Dolls label (a collection of musics and fashion) ; represents Como and Riviera in the 70's up to 80. A Discoteca, "Sputnik" having the flavour of a futurist Arcade Gaming ; Gondolas journey, Aerostats, Rivas and Lidos feel rather also Venitian. Made with elegance and good taste, this luxurious atmosphere will ravish and express an epoch of freedom. Entertaining ; the SIM wishes to offer Friendship : Roleplays ; Residences ; eventually expand with more stylished islands getting proposed to private owners into its main theme : "La Dolce Vita".

Two movies also had inspired us in this realisation VR for Osgrid : "The Hunger" with David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve and "The Comfort of Strangers" with Christopher Walken...

- Official Shangrilla-Dolls™
- Bandcamp Tributes ; Remixes & Creations
- Shangrilla-Dolls Broadcast (a unique pls made of retro-future wave and darkwave)

Ava Ozerova and Ernest Moncrieff from The Art Factory ; joined forces together to help produce the Shangrilla-Dolls Label release of Blue Monday Tribute version "New Order"...
A nice collaboration made in OSGRID...

A look at ULTRAVOX Fan HUB in a process...

Shangrilla-Dolls World has created its own PLS Broadcast Station. You can listen to it here...:

On the 18th of September ; The Woman Transported Tour will be presented in Teatralnaia Ostonovka @ Shangrilla-Dolls World ; with the participation of our talented designer: ARCADIA.
Stay tuned with last elements brought to the Theater ; made to get a wonderful event ; about 15 minutes of your free-time in-world for an exclusive event in OSGRID.
Below the final MIX to present the entire show :
Arizona Muse seems to celebrate the Roman Empire cult of Mitra inside Basilica at Shangrilla-Dolls World... Find out for yourself if she is a "Merovée" by visiting our place ; cross the lakes in gondola... our world is full of mysteries!

Come at Shangrilla-Dolls World ; visit the Lido's ; enjoy the Italian summer style ; its american bar beach ; sail to the Basilica and Isles...

How to visit Shangrilla-Dolls World ?
Find in this image from the docks 2 ladders and a table of orientation mapping the region. Climb the steps and mind the beautiful view. Enjoy the ethereal journey !
Finishing B-station broadcast upon a small island (Montauk idea) ; represented in-world with Ava O' the station brodacast installed with Azuracast and Margot can be found here :

"Experience the luxurious Estates Italian Spirit of Ecstasy with your beloved..."

Europe after the rain : a warm summer in Italy in the gardens of the mysterious Villa de Vecchi ; the home of a magician...?

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Hope Snowball Traumhaft schön gestaltet und sehr inspirierend!Ich habe mich gerne dort aufgehalten. Kompliment!
Tainted Angel Beautiful world and nicely done.

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