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A build slowly getting walled and textured...

We shall be soon all survivors of the Bounty ; residents of a Pitcairn boreal age... :0P

Our land in a good detailed development - you might reach and have a look...
The interior will have a mood design very Marlon Brando.
Part of this land would get completed in March 2021.

Advancing with patience upon our project "The Brando Homestyle"...

Next week a bit more work to finish the Faré "the Brando" a bit more textured and I had made a simple prim build... It is the 1St project. Not an intent to transform the land terraformed as a Resort. After that it will be possible to decorate the interiors...
Where is The Brando Located ? : The Brando has now become a luxury resort at Tetiaroa 40 miles away from Tahiti - but the idea is a tribute having Marlon Brando's signature > inside the original island's home getting designed - in other ways - this simulation will celebrate the beauty of French Polynesia guesting the United States of America ; inviting visitors to revival Marlon Brando vintage cinematic epoch and a great heritage.

Welcome to "The Brando !" Enjoy our mini-model...

When you wil design and build you will say : "and if what I dream about always had existed ? It always was there planted since the origin ?" and so... a miracle will happen ! Yes it was always there and I had seen all of this before...

Wishing Happy New year 2021...

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Joe Builder Someone found the SL portal to do there shopping and building. :)
Hope Snowball Traumhaft schön gestaltet und sehr inspirierend!Ich habe mich gerne dort aufgehalten. Kompliment!
Tainted Angel Beautiful world and nicely done.

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TheFactory 11 months ago
Absolutely stunning build, the attention to detail is phenomenal. One of the best regions in OpenSim. Well done Ava you should be rightly proud of what you have created here.
Ava Ozerova 11 months ago
Super kind ; hope in future collaborations...
Elegance City 1 years ago
Wonderful place very well cared for in the smallest detail compliments.
Ava Ozerova 1 years ago
Very kind thank you...