Shangrilla Dolls World

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Ava Ozerova and Ernest Moncrieff from The Art Factory ; joined forces together to help produce the Shangrilla-Dolls Label release of Blue Monday Tribute version "New Order"...
A nice collaboration made in OSGRID...

A look at ULTRAVOX Fan HUB in a process...

The Woman Transported
Where: Shangrilla Dolls World
When: 25 days ago [1 Oct 2020 16:00 SLT]

Shangrilla-Dolls World and Arcadia settled the magic presentation tour of Tesla Doppleganger Machine featured in the movie "The Prestige" ; in that perspective Ava Ozerova will impersonnate Scarlett Johansson as a subject to the magical tour proposed by Niander Wallace. 20 minutes in length with 10 minutes rezzing server's stability to optimize your experience of the virtual show. Hope to see you there soon !

Shangrilla-Dolls World has created its own PLS Broadcast Station. You can listen to it here...:

On the 18th of September ; The Woman Transported Tour will be presented in Teatralnaia Ostonovka @ Shangrilla-Dolls World ; with the participation of our talented designer: ARCADIA.
Stay tuned with last elements brought to the Theater ; made to get a wonderful event ; about 15 minutes of your free-time in-world for an exclusive event in OSGRID.
Below the final MIX to present the entire show :
Arizona Muse seems to celebrate the Roman Empire cult of Mitra inside Basilica at Shangrilla-Dolls World... Find out for yourself if she is a "Merovée" by visiting our place ; cross the lakes in gondola... our world is full of mysteries!

Come at Shangrilla-Dolls World ; visit the Lido's ; enjoy the Italian summer style ; its american bar beach ; sail to the Basilica and Isles...

How to visit Shangrilla-Dolls World ?
Find in this image from the docks 2 ladders and a table of orientation mapping the region. Climb the steps and mind the beautiful view. Enjoy the ethereal journey !
The Tea Party
Where: Shangrilla Dolls World
When: 4 months ago [5 Jul 2020 15:00 SLT]

Tea Party (Crash Test) Sunday the 5th of July @ 3PM PDT party live play in da MIX with Djay Ava O' : 2 Hours of Disco-House perfect Flow and Flava 70's...80's ! Sunday the 5th of July @ 3PM PDT a DIRECT TP to Sputnik at Shangrilla-Dolls World in OSGRID.

Finishing B-station broadcast upon a small island (Montauk idea) ; represented in-world with Ava O' the station brodacast installed with Azuracast and Margot can be found here :

"Experience the luxurious Estates Italian Spirit of Ecstasy with your beloved..."

Europe after the rain : a warm summer in Italy in the gardens of the mysterious Villa de Vecchi ; the home of a magician...?

OPENING: Guided visit to our World....
Where: Shangrilla Dolls World
When: 10 months ago [23 Dec 2019 03:00 SLT]

Ava Ozerova proposes: a guided visit to the new regions Shangrilla-Dolls World to express what is the subject of inspirations and what can become a Roleplay Gaming...