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Tetiaroa Atoll described here ; was an Island getting property of Marlon Brando. By the end of the sixties he affords the French property and settles his family home at Onetahi with an aircraft landing track. He builds a "Faré" traditional Tahitian house but will sometimes keep his family there and never visit being very busy with the official production of movies and acting for Hollywood. He will resell the Atoll before he passes in 2004. The dispached Isles from Tetiaroa where made an opportunity for the scenario and film to shoot there the messy production release of "The Island of Dr. Moreau"... The building VR 3-D depicts the actor's dream island in-boxed and reinvented. A genuine elaboration made for The Brando Resort with the support of Arcadia Shop owner in OSGRID. "Get a chance to pass by ; a great relaxation made to sail one of our boats"...
Official Website:

5 special gifts "THE BRANDO" for our supporters had been elaborated by Arcadia now found on the beach to pick-up ; it is the "Special Gramophone" with an old Tahitian song edited "Tahiti Nui MAREVA MA"... grab it this week as fast as you can ! With many thanks from "The Brando" for your fidelity...!
The Brando Sim development delivered to The Brando group-clients. It is a beautiful way to discover a VR realisation - this operation was an amazing time spend made of dream and relaxation with Arcadia development and professionalism. Meaning that ; with the right proper efforts and by contacting people : - there is still for all "OSGRID builders" a way to consider to promote or market a full standing concept having precision and a structure more focused upon timing and investor targets and having a full-throttle elaborated marketing mixed-up priority - in terms of a VIRTUAL 3-D concept. My friendship and regards to all of you who have supported. Congratulations to the team having ventured the project... :) Welcome back to REALITY ESTATE!
The Brando Video and Website are completed - I thank you all for having supported this project ; it will be presented this week to The Brando resort marketing team...
The Brando Onetahi Party Beach Event
Where: VOD
When: 1 month ago [17 Sep 2021 16:00 SLT]

Djay acts ; Beach Music ; Opening Atoll

Time to Party ! Event is here...: The Brando is achieved and you are invited to celebrate the Pacific Atoll with us... Get your instant FLYER and TP on the 09/17/2021 @ 4PM PDT for our tribal gathering upon the estate beach... Don't forget our event - be with us at THE BRANDO...

Two new spots achieved for The Brando are the Nautic Club and the Diving Area... advancing close to the edge of delivery !

Some workshop until the 20th of September... edu center from nice illustrated sources... in this Twilight...

In September ; there will be an opening event for The Brando ; a film presentation will be proposed and a PDF presentation forwarded to the Official Resort office at Tetiaroa. I have found this nice painting that describes the surrealism of our VOD creation.
Our project ONETAHI part of original TETIAROA PACIFIC ISLANDS is nearly done ; some efforts more are made at THE BRANDO to install the Scuba DIVING spot ; the Nautic Cabin ; the Cultural Center and at last present the PDF promotion ; Machinima for september with an event...
Now settled our Panavision Theater with more small details coming up - there will be available tickets for the movie "The Wild One"... at The Bando ; by our cultural American French center - Pop-Corn and permanent Cine-Club for you and your friends !
I have something for you to study ; it is the future of metaverses and its economy in terms of investment and shares productivity... by Cathy Woods - a previsional. Look at where investing right. Mobile phones be on a descent...
This evening ; I tested the Arcadia FPS machine installed at NEMO and it is now up-to-date and a very nice gadgetoid that you will appreciate... It gives all indication for your SIM to maintain in a Steampunk way ; a real revival of Nikola Tesla apparatus... I recommend to catch it while the supply is on high demand... :)
These days I thought about the identity of the sister island of The Brando Tetiaroa... an other side of reach. This because soon the 1ST island is completed.
Then I watched the bench title of Dr. Moreau which is an amazing analog edition and presentation - that I recommend as it depicts much about transhuman research ; manipulation of the genes - encoureaged by the mondialists inside LAB4 of Yuhan.
The movie very much critisized and a bit clownesque stood a parody of the book indeed. See the narrative context of H.G. Wells - he was a supporter of the new age idea bringing the Open Society amongst others as : Huxley ; G. Orwell ; Orson Wells and many other writers - please be informed of the dangerous IDEAL. There be a ZOMBIE hunt on this island - that we would install. When you land there plenty dozens of Dr. Moreau's monsters would get out of the bushes and jump - you'd get surrounded. They prevent you to find the lab inside the jungle. In the lab something there be highly precious to mankind...

The Brando gets advanced each day ; a bit more of a patience to finish this part of the Atoll...: Ava & Aaak had reinvented the Brando as we couldn't have ever imagined!

What I did prepare today is a small cultural centre : the pearl ; the tiaré flower and Tahitian street art...

Nice home & garden breathing interior ; lofty and spacious and light - it makes The Brando home very unique - stylished -Seventies. To be visited with your friends and meet...

The Brando will be completed for end of September... a cool day installing the Atoll...

As a plus following the leisure idea ; an installation of tree-cabins as it was in Huanine Atoll. Two tree-cabins be settled upon baobabs to rest and enjoy the view...

So I get an official answer last week from the Resort Atoll "The Brando" Julie LOYON who is responsible for promo and marketings and the team get interested in the finished realisation of the virtual instance. Much work still ahead - if there is an interest - it will need to have traditional arts represented as the making of Monoi from Tiaré flowers ; the Pearls ; create some parks and a boutique to explain the culture of oysters and birth of the natural pearl.
Today I have emailed The Brando Resort to get a promotion of our project Island - representative of their needs in terms of cross-marketings. If an interest on their side ; then we could see an intention to promote the VOD Islands inside their official website. An extract of my letter:

"The legendary presence of the actor Marlon Brando being a resident of Polynesia through the years birthed the idea to a team as a media that I have promoted and helped with company charge of a small independent label Shangrilla-Dolls/Norway.

Once the 3D is finished it would have a link at The Brando website if possible - it is amazing and magic to have created the first home that carried Brando and his family on the territory island.

We worked as a team in OSGRID having private 3D servers attached to the official VIRTUAL GRID.
Experience is that avatars can visit the island so far as we have respected a code cinematic and heritage Brando/USA it does represent well the properties.
- The project is developed at the moment and shall end in about one year with 2 islands.
The island of The Brando and the island of DR. Moreau fronting each another one.
The full set is scripted ; boats can be active and sailed by avatar as well events and parties can promote The Brando in a merge and cross-marketing.

Budget was non profit and held by our teaming partly owned in sharing into OSGRID.
This promotion is free for you to seize. As it will have the flavour of the PACIFIC ISLES...
And in return would also promote OSG."
- Ava Ozerova -

I hope it would be convincing with a small movie and it doesnt hurt to try!
At the island The Brando ; I have made a new friend. From a simple idea Arcadia has scripted a mastered rain working on EEP. What it does - on hour morning and evening it will automatically change weathers and make it rain like in Equatorial Pacific environments... fantastic - this new CLOUDY friendship will make the isles alive ! Come visit and dance to make rains happen!

Installation of Hot-Dogs and Party Beach at The Brando ; Tetiaroa island replica...!

A real home of architect ; now designed in mesh with stairs by Aaack ; gives a real feel to the homestyle and gardens. Island progresses with ideas - now open! - you can visit and feel confy like your own property.

Heavenly as a Tahitian paradise island patiently settled and super relaxing... We hope you will enjoy "Marlon Brando virtual dream" and his gardens...!

We shall be soon all survivors of the Bounty ; residents of a Pitcairn boreal age... :0P

Our land in a good detailed development - you might reach and have a look...
The interior will have a mood design very Marlon Brando.
Part of this land would get completed in March 2021.

Advancing with patience upon our project "The Brando Homestyle"...

A build slowly getting walled and textured...

Next week a bit more work to finish the Faré "the Brando" a bit more textured and I had made a simple prim build... It is the 1St project. Not an intent to transform the land terraformed as a Resort. After that it will be possible to decorate the interiors...
Where is The Brando Located ? : The Brando has now become a luxury resort at Tetiaroa 40 miles away from Tahiti - but the idea is a tribute having Marlon Brando's signature > inside the original island's home getting designed - in other ways - this simulation will celebrate the beauty of French Polynesia guesting the United States of America ; inviting visitors to revival Marlon Brando vintage cinematic epoch and a great heritage.
When you wil design and build you will say : "and if what I dream about always had existed ? It always was there planted since the origin ?" and so... a miracle will happen ! Yes it was always there and I had seen all of this before...

Wishing Happy New year 2021...

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TheFactory 2 years ago
Absolutely stunning build, the attention to detail is phenomenal. One of the best regions in OpenSim. Well done Ava you should be rightly proud of what you have created here.
Ava Ozerova 2 years ago
Super kind ; hope in future collaborations...
Elegance City 2 years ago
Wonderful place very well cared for in the smallest detail compliments.
Ava Ozerova 2 years ago
Very kind thank you...