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We invite you to join us in a celebration of worship, christian fellowship, study and service. When you become a part of our exciting journey of faith, you will be encouraged, challenged and rewarded with renewed faith and power. Our culture at Faith Chapel Christian church is one of positivity, acceptance, and a general spirit of goodwill. Having “new life” isn’t just something we talk about, it’s something we do. Live sermons at 10am SLT on Sunday mornings, & 4PM SLT Sunday evenings. Be sure to touch things and explore! Come be a part of our grand adventure!

What does "Thou Shall Not Kill" Mean?
Where: Faith
When: yesterday [16 May 2021 16:00 SLT]

What can we glean from the commandment 'don't kill'? Out of this seeming economy of words, and Jesus' commentary on it, we can see graphically how to live a rich full life in peace with our neighbors and ourselves.

We have free Christian tee-shirts at the entry area on Faith! They are for system avatars, and a good variety :) Come grab them all, feel free to look around at all the other unique freebies we offer! hop://
Facing Trials With Patience And Faith
Where: Faith
When: 2 days ago [16 May 2021 10:00 SLT]

"You may readily judge whether you are a child of God or a hypocrite by seeing in what direction your soul turns in seasons of severe trial. The hypocrite flies to the world and finds a sort of comfort there. But the child of God runs to his Father and expects consolation only from the Lord's hand." Charles Spurgeon

The Sea In Between
Where: Faith
When: 8 days ago [9 May 2021 16:00 SLT]

Today we let Matthew Chapter 21 instruct us on the Fathers' patience, and His understanding of our mercurial natures. This parable of the two sons parallel our own dispositions, thereby giving us assurance that our Father understands the pause between commitment and fulfillment we often have.

The Enigma of Gods' Plan
Where: Faith
When: 9 days ago [9 May 2021 10:00 SLT]

Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope." Today we draw from the book of Habakkuk, and Habakkuks' concern for Gods' perceived inaction in a time of distress, and how it applies to current events in our lives.

Looking for something different? How about a re-creation of Herods' Temple? Take an hour or so, and explore all the hidden areas :) There are markers at interesting features with relevant information. hop://
Revelation: Symphony Of The Lamb
Where: Faith
When: 15 days ago [2 May 2021 16:00 SLT]

Revelation is full of sweeping grand imagery, both terrifying and beautiful. This evening we will focus on the chorale in chapters 4 and 5 that frame the entire Revelation to John.

Election - Who Chooses Our Destiny?
Where: Faith
When: 16 days ago [2 May 2021 10:00 SLT]

There are few subjects that are more hotly contested, and that strike at the very core of our belief, than election. Do we choose salvation, does God choose us, or is it a mix of both? We'll see what the Bible says, and find our answers there this morning.

How You Can Make A Difference In This World
Where: Faith
When: 22 days ago [25 Apr 2021 17:00 SLT]

It's not easy to change the World - if you don't know how. Tonight I will give you the same principles that guided Elijah to victory over the prophets of Baal, the power that carried Daniel to a place that would change Babylon and Israel forever, and the Providence that propelled Joseph to a position where He could protect his people.

Born to be Holy
Where: Faith
When: 23 days ago [25 Apr 2021 10:00 SLT]

In this world, if we live according to the World, we're kind of like pizza cooked in the microwave instead of in a stove. Fit for nothing but the trash bin. We have to undergo that refining fire of the Holy Ghost to be of use. God wants us to be Holy, and has provided the Way.

Gaze upon Jesus
Where: Faith
When: 29 days ago [18 Apr 2021 16:00 SLT]

To be strong, courageous, and productive we should always keep our eyes on our Lord.

From Suffering and Sadness to Peace and Joy
Where: Faith
When: 30 days ago [18 Apr 2021 10:00 SLT]

This morning we look at how Gods' nature, which is joy and peace, displaces any doubts and fear in our lives.

Growing in Grace Class
Where: Faith
When: 1 month ago [14 Apr 2021 10:00 SLT]

Growing in Grace class #10 at 10am today! This week is "Facing Problems and Dangers"- information that's indispensable to leading a happy, productive Christian life :) hop://

What's in your wallet?
Where: Faith
When: 1 month ago [11 Apr 2021 16:00 SLT]

What would Jesus say about our bank account, or our investments, our jobs? We all know people that have suffered financially, and maybe WE are suffering and facing yet more uncertain times. How do we talk to those in financial turmoil and distress? Jesus has a message of comfort when things look the worst! This is one of those messages you really need to hear, to give you the strength and courage to face bad economies and more.

You Are The Salt And The Light
Where: Faith
When: 1 month ago [11 Apr 2021 10:00 SLT]

It sounds like a simple statement but it holds a richness and depth most don't fully explore, and yet it paints a beautiful picture of who we are in the world, and what influence we can and should plant in the lives of those around us.

Growing in Grace Class 9
Where: Faith
When: 1 month ago [7 Apr 2021 10:00 SLT]

Growing in Grace class at 10am today! This week is "Knowing the Way of Victory" - information that's indispensable to leading a happy, productive Christian life :) hop://

The Day Death Died
Where: Faith
When: 1 month ago [4 Apr 2021 16:00 SLT]

Death was defeated publically over 2000 years ago. We celebrate it today as Easter. People put a lot of effort in identity, especially so in virtual worlds, but this is why we celebrate our identity as Christians. As Christians we share in Jesus' victory over death, and countless other gifts. Come celebrate with us tonight and maybe learn how you too can lose your fear of death.

Jesus Proves His Divinity
Where: Faith
When: 1 month ago [4 Apr 2021 10:00 SLT]

He said, “I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whoever believes in me lives forever.” Because He conquered sin and death and hell and rose to heavenly glory, we, too, in Him can conquer sin and death and hell and rise to heavenly glory and even sit with Him on His throne.

Growing in Grace class at 10am today! This week is "Entering Into Your Privileges" - good stuff :) hop://

Easter - Uncomfortable Truths and Misconceptions
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [28 Mar 2021 16:00 SLT]

All through Jesus' life, most people never truly understood what was going on at that time. Even today we expect things and never realize we're not seeing all of Gods' plan, if at all.

Palm Sunday - Triumph and Tears
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [28 Mar 2021 10:00 SLT]

Sunday celebrates the arrival of our Lord into Jerusalem with much fanfare, a Kings reception, and the start of our Passion week. But soon after His triumphant entry, the crowds are clamoring for Barnabas to be released - and Jesus to be crucified! Let's take a closer look at how something so horribly wrong could be so magnificently beautiful.

Please join us today for Class 7 of our Growing in Grace series - today the subject is Stewardship :) 10am hop://

Poor Theology Can Be Toxic
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [21 Mar 2021 16:00 SLT]

A lot of people think "faith is all you need", but without proper theology horrible things can happen.

The Beauty And Power Of Witness
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [21 Mar 2021 10:00 SLT]

For Christians, witnessing is sharing your personal experience with Jesus. It might seem like a strange word to use in talking about your faith, but once you understand how the Bible uses the term, it makes a lot more sense—and becomes a meaningful part of your Christian life.

Growing in Grace Class 6
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [17 Mar 2021 10:00 SLT]

This week out subject is "Witnessing". Witnessing is mandated by Christ both individually and as a collective body. As in everything God has given us, there's a richness, symmetry, and beauty when you see how it fits into our lives and faith. This is Class 6 - halfway through! Congratulations to those faithful that have come this far!

What Is Worth Giving Up To Gain Everything?
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [14 Mar 2021 16:00 SLT]

In life we want everything, don't we? But we soon realize that in life, there's almost always a cost behind things that make us happy. Or is there?

Powerful Prayer
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [14 Mar 2021 10:00 SLT]

Not all prayer is the same. Intellectually we know that God hears every prayer, but it sure seems some prayers just “work” better than others. The Bible assures us that God hears us if we ask according to his will (1 John 5:14 . And we know He desires our good. It’s also possible to ask “with wrong motives” (James 4:3 , or for our prayers to be hindered (1 Peter 3:7 . The disciples could see how vital prayer was to Jesus, and asked Him to teach them to pray the same (Luke 11:1 . Some prayer is truly effective and accomplishes much (James 5:16 ).

Why does the Devil still torment the Church? Who is this arch-villain called Satan, or Lucifer? What are his motives? Let us tonight take a close look at this fallen and prideful angel and how he operates.

Jesus, the Word
Where: Faith
When: 2 months ago [7 Mar 2021 16:00 SLT]

The gospel of John begins, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” John 1:14-18 makes it clear that this “Word” that John is talking about is Jesus Christ. This passage is one of many clear and powerful testimonies to the deity of Christ in the New Testament. Yet, there is a detail we often overlook: why did John call Jesus “the Word”? The answer is that the term “the Word” was highly significant to the Jewish culture of the time and in fact, made John’s point about who Jesus (and God) was all the more clear.

Our Very Lives Are At Stake!
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [28 Feb 2021 16:00 SLT]

Someone is trying to get inside my head. You think I’m crazy? Well, let me tell you this: someone is trying to get into your head, too. We are all in an epic struggle, and most aren't aware that at the end of their days the sum total of their lives will be what held their attention. Come this evening to hear how to not only survive but to thrive and be victorious.

What Is Our Mission As A Church?
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [28 Feb 2021 10:00 SLT]

Our role as a church is critical because it fills a void only the church can. If a car needs fixing, it is brought to the mechanic shop. If someone is sick, the hospital is the best place to seek medical attention. Church is where people should go if they are in need of a “spiritual fix.” The church is really a hospital for sinners and not an exclusive club for saints. So why would someone want to attend church? Regardless of what is said about churches, people expect that their life problems can be addressed in some fashion or form. With all the weight and pressures of their world weighing down on their minds, people expect the church to provide Bible-based answers that no other institution can provide.

Fake Faith and a Family Invitation
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [21 Feb 2021 16:00 SLT]

The World likes to paint Christians as hypocrites, believing one thing and doing another. Sadly that's sometimes the case, but it shouldn't be. Let's look at the dynamics of Faith in action through Gods' Word, and see how to show grace and love as a response to the needs of others.

Baptism - The Mark of a Faithful Servant
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [21 Feb 2021 10:00 SLT]

When we admire someone it always seems natural
To try and identify with their heart, mind and soul.
Like children, who enjoy imitating their superheroes
Speech, mannerisms, deeds, dress and goal.

Our Savior commanded we follow His example
In all things including baptism, faith, trust and love.
Jesus Himself chose to be baptized and saved
Even though He was the Son of our Father above.

By the means of baptism we forever proclaim
Our love of God, Christ, forgiveness and believers.
When we turn to Jesus and pray for our answers
We are blessed by His wisdom as achievers.

Tom Zart

How to Advance in Your Prayer Life
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [14 Feb 2021 16:00 SLT]

“Not to pray because you do not feel fit to pray is like saying, “I will not take medicine because I am too ill.” Pray for prayer: pray yourself, by the Spirit’s assistance, into a praying frame.” – Charles Spurgeon. Tonight we will cover the need for prayer, the form of prayer, and the efficacy of prayer. Prayer does not need to be eloquent, but it must be heartfelt, and it must be often.

Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation?
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [14 Feb 2021 10:00 SLT]

This is a hotly debated subject, and strikes right at the core of Christianity. Let's look at both sides, and let the Word of God inform us of the truth.

The Answer - by Hal Lindsey
Frustration… rage… condemnation… confusion… fear.… To many, it feels like we’re in the middle of a massive and growing storm with a funnel cloud forming in the sky above our heads. Temper tantrums — with stomping feet, held breath, pointed fingers, and raised fists — are not the answer.
But there is an answer… and He has a name. Jesus.
Jesus was a Man of perfect humility. He’s the One who said, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5 NKJV). But He was also perfectly honest about His identity as God the Son sent from heaven to save us. Just look at some of the remarkable things He said about Himself.
In Mark 14:61-62, the high priest asked Jesus point blank “Are You the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?:” And Jesus answered just as clearly. “I am; and you shall see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.”
If you have an electronic Bible, it’s interesting to search for the words “greater than” in the New Testament. You quickly learn that Jesus claimed to be “greater than” the temple (Matthew 12:6), “greater than” the prophet Jonah (Matthew 12:41), and “greater than” Solomon (Matthew 12:42).
Jesus told the person known to Bible readers as “the woman at the well” that He could give her “living water.”
In trying to figure out His identity, she used the phrase “greater than.” She asked Jesus if He was “greater than” the patriarch Jacob who was said to have dug the well. Jesus didn’t say “Yes,” or “No.” But His answer clearly tells us that He is as high above Jacob as Mount Everest is high above an ant hill.
He said, “Everyone who drinks of this water [meaning water from Jacob’s well] will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life” (John 4:13-14 NKJV).
To a world that’s desperately thirsty, and doesn’t even know what it thirsts for, this is Good News!
Later in the book of John, Jesus told some Jewish religious leaders, “‘Most assuredly, I say to you, if anyone keeps My word he shall never see death.’ Then the Jews said to Him, ‘Now we know that You have a demon! Abraham is dead, and the prophets; and You say, ‘If anyone keeps My word he shall never taste death.’ Are You greater than our father Abraham, who is dead? And the prophets are dead. Who do You make Yourself out to be?’” (John 8:51-53 NKJV)
The Jewish leaders were outraged that Jesus might be placing Himself above Abraham, the father of the nation. They seemed to think that by putting the question straight to Him, they might shake Him to His senses. They asked, “Are You greater than our father Abraham?” Their own answer would be, “No one’s ‘greater than’ Abraham.”
Jesus — a Man of meekness and humility — astounded them with His answer.
“If I honor Myself, My honor is nothing. It is My Father who honors Me, of whom you say that He is your God. Yet you have not known Him, but I know Him… and keep His word. Your father Abraham rejoiced to see My day, and he saw it and was glad.” (John 8:54-56 NKJV)
At this point their minds were reeling. Abraham had lived and died more than 1600 years earlier, and this Fellow spoke as if He knew the patriarch personally. They said to Jesus, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have You seen Abraham?”
Jesus then gave an answer that resonates across the millennia. “Most assuredly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I AM.” (John 8:58 NKJV)
Their outrage was so great that they picked up stones to throw at Jesus, but He slipped away. This was not the time, the place, or the method by which He was to die, and He knew it.
Why did His statement make them so angry? Because He was pronouncing Himself to be God. When Moses asked God His name, He replied, “I AM THAT I AM.” God told Moses to tell the children of Israel that “I AM” had sent him to them. (Exodus 3:14)
But Jesus was also revealing an astounding aspect of God’s character. Jesus didn’t say, “Before Abraham was, I was.” That would have meant Jesus was impossibly old. But what He actually said was far more amazing than that. He said, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” Present tense. Only God could make such a claim!
His majesty and greatness deserve our awe and heartfelt worship. But there is more to Him than that. He’s not just this distant Majesty out there in the great beyond. He’s here now. By His Spirit, He’s as close to you as the air you breathe. And He’s saying now what He said two thousand years ago, as recorded in Matthew 11:29-30.
“Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”
If you’ve accepted this invitation from Him, this is a good time to relax in the security of His salvation, but also to respond to His great love with renewed determination to live in ways that please Him, and to share His love with others.
Hal Lindsay
Growing in Grace Classes
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [10 Feb 2021 10:00 SLT]

These classes are designed to equip believers with the skills to be victorious and bold, and able to handle every challenge in a Christian manner. Classes will include classroom instruction and small daily entries, and proficiency in scripture.

Our World Is In Peril
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [7 Feb 2021 16:00 SLT]

Have you noticed that even those that deny God exists are using words like "Armageddon" or "End Times" now? How did our world get in such a mess? Join us tonight and see what Gods' Word tells us.

Gods Invisible Army
Where: Faith
When: 3 months ago [7 Feb 2021 10:00 SLT]

Join us for an in-depth look into the world of angels and how they inform us of the hidden things of Heaven. This is a fascinating subject, and will give you a deeper understanding of our place in the spiritual realm.

Are You Set Apart?
Where: Faith
When: 4 months ago [31 Jan 2021 16:00 SLT]

The Bible is clear that Christians are supposed to live out their faith in word and deed. "Faith without works is dead," writes James in chapter 2, and Scripture is littered with God's call to his people to live different, holy lives – set apart for his glory.This means living in a way that reflects our faith in God, and his abounding love for each and every person. It means that we are marked for a purpose – to share his goodness with those around us and to join with the Holy Spirit in what God is doing to build his kingdom on earth.

Angels - Messengers & Protectors
Where: Faith
When: 4 months ago [31 Jan 2021 10:00 SLT]

This sunday we delve into the heavenly realms to learn about the warriors and messengers of God - the angels :) Today we will cover the origin of angels, their history in scripture, and how and why they operate for our benefit at the behest of God. *grins* "Angelology 101". You don't want to miss this, it will open your eyes to the unseen world around us!

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