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The Miss Christmas Sacrarium contest will take place on December 20 at 13.00 SLT, if you want to participate, you must send the question on time by sending the photo, nickname and UUID of your profile. After the contest, we will celebrate in music. I welcome the administration of the Sacrarium.Send profile photos and names to event administrator -Felix Mafia ,Nimfetka Deeda
You wait for winter not only because of snow and New Year. It's just that in winter, one believes in miracles most of all and childhood is constantly remembered ...
Winter ... a crunch of snow underfoot in a frosty forest, the smell of burning logs in a fireplace, white mittens and wool socks with funny deer.
Winter gives a certain special state, unique, airy, magical ... Winter ... Winter ...

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Tigerkitti Eberdene It looks nice, but nothing seems to be free to copy?
ThunderGod You advertise it as a "freebie" region yet little to nothing is copiable or buyable for that matter. Normally I really like Sacrarium but this one was a dud for me, sorry.
SpoiledDivaCarissa Richez No copy, no mod, no transfer! There's nothing at the place to buy or copy! Nothing !

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Zoe Synclair 3 months ago
Lovely Sim.
FreyaJo8 4 months ago
I am on your region, this description says freebies but I cannot take any copies......
Debra Ann Congi 4 months ago
Why do you have Cannot verify identity? I have tried everything to get over to your grid but keep getting the same message yet people from your grid can come to mine. I don't understand.
Maggie 1 years ago
When will the Christmas region be open again, I have been trying for at least a week to get in. It shows on this page as Status Unknown and there appears to have been no traffic for quite a while.
GiuliaElton_ 1 years ago
very very beautiful, it is to visit!