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Christmas Island
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Christmas Island is a new region on Alternate Metaverse grid. If you have not been to the North Pole now is a good time to take a trip. Take a ride on the carousel and get a few pictures to hang up on your wall of adventure or use for Xmas Cards. As you walk though Christmas Island don’t forget to take a stroll inside the Christmas Shop of decorated Christmas Trees and other awesome items . This is the reason for the season. So weather you are looking for Christmas items for decorating or just exploring, this is the place you would not want to miss.

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Sort through the store and find the right Golden Ticket and win a FANTASTIC PRIZE! Contest starts Dec 20 till the 22nd . Only one winner shall receive a special one time Gift.. So hurry in and find the "GOLDEN TICKET"! Any questions should be directed at Bonnie Parker GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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I just visited Christmas Island and I was impressed. A lovely and magical place.
Bonnie has created a great place to do your Christmas shopping.
Thanks "Christmas Island" for your gifts.
I am looking for Christmas garland that you would wrap around a lamppost or pillar on a house porche . . . i've looked EVERYWHERE and cannot find ANY ANYWHERE :/ I'm on my way back to visit your AWESOME sim, and if I can't find any you may just get an IM from me asking if you have any out, maybe that I have not seen yet ;) AGAIN! AWESOME SIM! ;)
Fear not PassionFlower ,, I will make it my mission to find or build you some!
Lovely place and quality freebies ! Great x mas ambiance
Whippin 11d
Visited here last year...I see you have added tuns of stuff. Your place is so interesting, with many unusual items to choose from. I am going to have to return.. so much to see. Thank you for your generosity.
Hi we are Not the same region as the other Christmas Island , However Both places are a testimony of what Christmas spirit should be .. please visit both!!!
Bonnie! You did such a wonderful contribution to the holiday festivities! It was just so awesome to walk through and get so many goodies . . . I so immensely enjoyed myself! I will highly recommend this place to others! I already started doing that . . . Giggelz! Thank You So Very Much for your creativity and generosity! I am Passion Jumanji from The Encore Escape Grid ;)
FULL PERMISSION is a good Christmas Spirit....Thank you for posting.. means a lot !
blackswan 20d
Beautiful sim.!
Thank you Blackswan!
Great Sim. Magical and nostalgic, I love it!
Thank you for your visit , tell your friends!
Bonnie!! OMG!! This is the most spectacular region! I spent a lot of time here this morning..looking at everything you have done! You are extremely creative and I enjoyed your hard work so very much! Thank you too for the wonderful things!!! Hugs to you!!!
We will be adding new items over the few weeks we have left.. come back soon!
Lot's of Christmas and brings you a smile, I shop till my hair fail off...very worth a shopping trip, love it BonnieParker!
Thank you so much for stopping by!
WOW OH WOW! What an amazing and beautiful region and Bonnie you really were extremely generous on all of the really cool Christmas freebies! Thank you so very much! Big Hugs! Folks this place is well worth the time to visit!
I am glad you liked it , thank you !
kathena 29d
Freaking amazing selection of Christmas trees and decor!!!! You must go! I couldn't figure out which I wanted so I got the lot!
Thank you so much , glad you enjoyed!
NASISW 2 months
This place is amazing looking with lots of things to see and do. I also took a few things home with me. Smiles! I would highly recommend this place. Put it on your bucket list of things to do.
Thank you for your comment ! <3

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Creative with the touch of Magic!
Beautiful sim. Loved it. I love everything Wintery. Nice job!!
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