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Dominari 2.0 is an Adult Only, Medieval Castle and BDSM area.
Only verified members are allowed past the Landing Point.
For membership,fill out an application,height check and then, Please contact Wicked Way.
Please Include the title you wish to have.
Please respect the other members, and especially their Limits.. Do NOT force collared Subs/Slaves unless they or their owners agree. This is about FUN, so come enjoy.

Applications located at the landing point.. On the board - marked application - mailbox should also still be in the same area.


New courtyard garden ... at Dominari 2.0

Greetings, Dominari 2.0 Members. New rooms added to the castle as well as new items and updates to the style and a few new teleports . One surprise awaits you.. as well..

Reminder, I seem to have many slave photos up with info cards but we need a bit more photos of the masters as I know we have a pretty good size group of members now.

Stay Safe,
Wicked Way

New Poster for Dominari coming soon - Since I do not support cheaters like chris mccraken. If anyone wants to be the poster person for Dominari, please let me know..


Hello, Members and visitors of Dominari 2.0. Has anyone placed in a application for Dominari into the mailbox recently, and not recieved a reply. If so, please see Wicked Way at Glamour ( staff board). Thank you.

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wicked 1 month ago
Offline for a little bit - Be back today , please be patient. Ty
Eydis Gunvor Hertha 5 months ago
where can I find the application?
wicked 4 months ago
Hello, and thank you for visiting the members only location of Dominari. The applications is on the board that says application, at the landing point.You click and it gives you a the notecard to fill out . Also, rules are posted for requirements and restrictions. ty.. Sorry, I missed your visit.

wicked 9 months ago
Thank you, to all our newest members and Abraxas. Also, All former Dominari members are welcome to come back over to get their new tag.
wicked 10 months ago
Hi, sorry for delays but we are- Temporary down due to server update. Be back in a few hours. ty
wicked 10 months ago
The doors are still open. Some updates have been done to Dominari. New members as well as Dominari original group will have ability to come get new tag for the 2.0 Dominari. Dj Coming soon, and new group members only gifts. New rlv furniture compliments of Abraxas. As creator of Dominari.. the new management is now the creator. I did add a few new rules. Will now include: age verification also height requirement. This means that due to some issues - must be adult in avatar appearance as well as age. as there will be no age play. You are welcome to stop on by and fill out an application or message for inquiries.
Wicked Way
cherie stone 10 months ago
i had a great time visiting today. the region is beautiful and so are the people.