Eternal Ice

Eternal Ice
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Bink Draconia
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Winter themed region of Kroatan Grid with Xmas market ( Freebies ^^) and Silvester fireworks built in 2016.

Eternal Ice has free winter and Xmas themed stuff to all who need something like that to decorate their own winter region.


2016 erbaute Winterregion mit Weihnachtsmarkt und Silvester Feuerwerk.

Eternal Ice enthält kostenlose Dekorationsartikel für Winter- und Weihnachtsszeit für alle, die ihre eigene Winterregion noch etwas ausschmücken wollen.

Eternal Ice exists since 2016, but I forgot to rez a warning sign in front of the (summer) tyre swings - but I did it now ^^
NPC Gina does her best to point you to right direction, but what should I say? She's as bad at her job as the drunk ferryman ... It's really hard to get good staff (to work for no pay)!
Advent Calendar 2019 is still running!
Do not forget to grab the gifts in Observatory building before event is over.
Past (Kroatan-) gifts will be available in Past - Xmas - Gifts - shed near landing area, but do not miss the KiWo gifts !!!

Xmas Market - a < must-have > on every winter region ;)


Shuttle Ferry to Observatory (easiest way to get to observatory)
A ride takes about 5 minutes - arrival at landing area every 10 minutes.


Club with Fireworks


Observatory on mountain's top - location of Advent Calendar 2019


Landing Area with past and current advent gifts.


Ice Scating is fun :)


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Kelso.Uxlay 10 months ago
Wunderschöne Region
Dabici132 10 months ago
This is a lovely place, I love the little winter fair and the Advent Calendar now installed in the observatory. Do not miss the nice raft tour to the observatory !
Bink Draconia 10 months ago
Advent Calendar 2019
December 1st -24th (one day in Kroatan region Eternal Ice, one day in KiWo region Season)
-> first gift today on Eternal Ice, tomorrow on Season, day after tomorrow on Eternal Ice again and so on (last gift on Season Dec. 24th)
Enjoy and merry Xmas to all OpenSim residents!!!
Bink Draconia 10 months ago
Kroatan Grid has successfully finished moving to another server and is online again! Everything's ready for this year's advent season ;)
Bink Draconia 11 months ago
<<< Kroatan Grid started moving end of Ocotber 2019 >>>

Please be patient if region / grid will be offline sometimes until all work is completed. I hope, all will be running again before December 1st, when Advent Calendar Event in cooperation with KiWo Grid will begin ...
Briana Lilly Rush 1 years ago
Sehr schön. Danke. :-)
Power OfGreen 1 years ago
I loved the other region, so i thought id come here and look! wow another really great build lovely :)