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Carny Park on Tranquility Grid is an amusement park constructed to cause as little lag as possible. There are rides ranging from modern roller coaster to good old Helter Skelter. Also there are 12 regions of open sailing waters. Rez one of the supplied water craft, or ask to join Carny Yacht Club to rez the club yacht, or your own

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PIEDMONT 4 months
What a great build! Chris Tranquility and Aqua Tranquility have brought another great attraction to this grid and its fun fun fun!! I cant wait for the Yacht club on that sim to open and cruise around. I also want to get my wife Verde in the boxing ring there maybe she can work things out!!! Go check it out please Chris and Aqua did another great build they keep cranking them out over there!!
spottydog 4 months
thank you for the kind comments we do build well together :D
Region will be open on Sunday as early as we get on we are still completing little wee tasks to get ready for the big event :D
Whether you are a child at heart and want to enjoy the amusement side or would rather just go sailing just outside the park you can do it all. We have a gaming lounge with many games like Greedy, Chess etc etc etc. You can come anytime as an opensim friend and hang around with your friends here. It is for everyone child avis and adult avis everyone to use. Therefore please come dressed enough as it is not adult lol. We built this place with full attention to avoid lag as much as we can, as we always do. So come and enjoy and don't forget to pick up a souvenir as you head out as well ;) ENJOY!

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