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Abranimations Hypergrid store. Original high quality motion capture animations and some other fun stuff. This is our official Open Sim hypergrid store accepting gloebits.

If you find any content in our store elsewhere in OpenSim with a different creator tag, then its copybotted.

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Abranimations hypergrid store now open.
4 months - 1 comments

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So happy to see you in the OpenSim. don't let the critics get you down. You're part of the solution, not the problem:)
Thank you so much for giving Opensim a chance yesss!!! We love you!!!!

(Also love your AOs but would love also to purchase from you Bento AOs support the beautiful open-source RUth/Roth Bento Avatars <3 <3 )
I had gone there when it was just new and wow what a selection! Chris and I got a funny couple dance one where the female smacks the guy when he gets all gropy lol. And I got a Bhangra dance!
J.Janeway 1 months
Great selection, and a nice range of stuff :) even a free section too which has some really nice stuff
Kubwa 3 months
Thank you for giving opensim a chance. And thank you for your very outstanding work. Just bought an animation pack, and it wouldn't be the last. Looking forward seeing some of your other products in opensim :)
lannorra 4 months
I am so excited to see you in the Metaverse. I have been been missing all your products since Inworldz went down. Thank you so much for venturing to the opensims!
Tomtom 4 months
i hope peope not only "like" this region.. I hope they buy something from this awesome place with all its original dances, to keep it alive! And I hope the other animations (not the dances) will be available soon there too!
Brand 4 months
OK good job
Brand 4 months
did you create these animations?
or are you the usual parasite looking for a profit with other people's things?
lannorra 4 months
Totally Legit and we are lucky Abramelin is now in the Metaverse!
Abramelin 4 months
yes, I made all the animations in our store. The OSW site owner has verified this and added a verified tick to my profile. Anyone still in doubt please feel free to contact me in SL or by email or via our website to confirm I am who I say I am. I actually do understand your doubt. The fact loads of our animations have been stolen already is actually one of the reasons I have decided to come now and offer the real thing.
spottydog 4 months
Abra is one of the biggest Animation creator in SL
LilLowey 4 months
Abramelin is a well-known creator in Second Life, and he had a store in Inworldz too before that grid imploded.

He is good friends with the owners of Utopia Skye Grid, whose reputation I can also speak to. They managed to convince him to bring his animations and objects into Opensim.

Some of these posts exceed skepticism and are down right insulting.
Tomtom 4 months
i wish he would have concentrated to opensim earlier and not only SL and IW i am really glad he is present now
logansryche 4 months
Welcome to OpenSim Abramelin, I belive at one time I had some of your stuff on InWorldz(if not possibly another creator). It is nice to see content creators broadening their horizons past the shadow SL casts and hope you do well here ^_^
LilLowey 4 months
Very happy to see you here, Abram! I've been missing all the stuff I bought from you in Inworldz.
1derworld 4 months
Creator Beware, Everything in virtual is fair game. Now that you bring your creations into opensim be prepared to see them in a free store somewhere.
Also try to give legitimate Opensim creators some credit, Your not the only one who has abilities. For your statement you made I hope NO ONE buys anything from you. Maybe this is the reason you came to Opensims to begin with. SL found a creator who didn't have there head up there backside like you.
Abramelin 4 months
My stuff is already in freebie stores here and in SL. There seems little point filing dmcas here though so I only hope to show people where it originates from and offer a legitimate alternative. Not sure why you think my head is up my ass or why you think I think my abilities are superior to anyone elses. I do not think anything of the sort. I do have a motion capture studio though which cost me a lot in equipment, rent and dancer/actor hire costs and have spent the past 15 years of my life making content for SL (and apparently OpenSim without even realising it). Almost all the motion capture dance animation in OpenSim is stolen. I simply want to offer a legit alterantive.
1derworld 4 months
Yes there is a few that want the legit but the other 87% go the other way. Legit is always good in my book, But opensims really putting it mildly is the danger zone for the legit.
Tomtom 4 months
do i get a bonus?:-) i bought tons of your stuff over in SL and on the grid "Inworldz"... I always liked your animations ...by the way..do you bring over your awesome "death" animations over too, i need them very urgent for creating my halloween sim and ahh,do you bring over the fun stuff too, like the bubble maker? would be awesome greats Tom
Abramelin 4 months
Thanks Tomtom, I might be able to work something out for you. I am still setting up really just now. I didn't realise posting here would get so much attention otherwise id of waited a bit! I will try and get all those emotive/machinima type things over soon.
travislonghorn 4 months
Congratulations on your new store! I purchased many of your creations over the years in SL. Very nice quality animations and poses.

The reason why opensim will never go beyond what it's been over the past decade is the mentality of a big chunk of it's users. There is room for both paid and free content. Both paid and free land "rentals". but according to the freebie ONLY crowd making money off of opensim is VERBOTEN!

This is why opensim has been "stuck" for over 10 years. Why it hasn't grown into something that attracts large numbers of new users. If I as a region owner or content provider cannot be compensated for all my hard work and effort I put into making a nice place to visit then what's the point of providing all this "stuff" for opensim users.

Bottom line is if you want to give away your creations or land - do it. Your right to do so. But it's also the right of every region owner or content developer to earn income off of their creations. AND TO NOT HAVE THEM STOLEN BY OTHERS...

As a region owner and opensim user I want to do the right and moral thing. I don't want to use anything that is STOLEN from others. It's the reason why opensim is going NOWHERE. And never will...
Abramelin 4 months
Seems sad that I should get negative reviews and attacks because other people have previously stolen my stuff. I am now making an effort to bring a legitimate offering to opensim, please don't attack me for that! Mocap content costs me a huge amount to create and is my livelihood. That is why I charge for it and why content theft bothers me so much. Free in OpenSim should not mean stolen. If you see any of the content in our store in other places but not uploaded by me, then it is copyboted.
QueenOfNarnia 4 months
What an awesome spot to find something new and different to add to your clubmaster collection.
PowerOfGreen 4 months
yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay awesome!!!!! cant wait for more put in wooooot
Love this store! Lots of cool dances to purchase and also some cool freebies!

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Want opensim to expand beyond what it's been stuck at for the last decade? Want large numbers of new users? Then SUPPORT AND PAY content providers and region owners who want to get paid for their hard work and effort. Want more content? Want better quality content? Then stop copying other folks...
Do not pay attention to adherents of religion "for free." You have the right to sell your services and content for money. It will be difficult for you here, especially from the comments of illiterate users. I give you five stars for your work.
Excellent animations and quality AO's. Abranimations used to always be my 1 stop shop for new AO's on SL when I still went to that grid, and I am very happy to see that this awesome store is now in Opensim as well. I would highly encourage anyone to pay this region a visit, who is shopping for a qua...
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