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Bastion a tropical beach welcomes you-Freebies-Dancing at Rockhenge-Surfing-Windsurfing-Jet skiing

created by Reyn Softly

~Gloebit enabled region for tipping entertainment~

The site may look gray like moon dust… but don’t let the bland appearance fool you. This is a very cool repository of free 3D models for 3D printing created by none other than NASA.
Hello everyone I wanted to update you about
We have set some of the regions to Smart Start which is similar to Kitely in that the regions load when you select the map and teleport using the map - the region will load then you will be teleported to the region. Setting the grid to Smart Start freed up lots of CPU usage as the regions are not online until selected to start. Sometimes you have to click the map twice for it to work and also you need to stay put as it takes a few moments to teleport you. Our main regions are not Smart Start, just the ones not used often such as Abandoned, Sandbox, Cannabis Information Center. Please let me know if you have any issues, teleporting around grid. Thank you Fred Beckhusen for making this possible!!'s welcome region Bastion has a beautiful cove called Curled Sun. Seashells come in with the tides, some have gifts inside. Seashells change with the tides, always leaving something new to find.
Curled Sun cove, a refreshing place to R&R we offer surfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, fishing for great gifts. Also along the shore are seashells with gifts inside. The tide changes often, so do the gifts.
Find unique one of a kind items at our Freebie Mall. I have added a few new items today, I will add more as time allows. Looking for a Pirate to decorate your beach? We have just what you are looking for. Look for the Freebie Mall overlooking Curled Sun cove.
Fred and his wife Debbie created an amazing African region named Virunga. We featured it in Virtual-HG but did not cover all it has to offer, you simply must see this feature they created. As a way to get there too from we added the free .oar Welcome to Africa which is a direct portal right to their Virunga!! How cool is that? This is how you will be welcomed,
[12:29] Ruh : Hello, would you like to take a tour?
[12:30] Marianna Monentes: ehehe
[12:30] Shoeless Joe: I'll be waiting for you
[12:30] Shoeless Joe: I'll be waiting for you
[12:30] Ruh : There is a really good tour at the bottom of this hill.
[12:30] Ruh : Be sure to tell the lady that Ruh sent you and you will get a good deal
[12:30] Marianna Monentes: lol

You will find the teleportation HUB at our welcome at Bastion so that you can tp to it. Have Fun!! and thank you Fred and Debbie!!

Continuum Grid 48 regions of exploration. Home to Virtual-HG, Monentes Jewelry, Mudflats...come explore the regions and stay awhile.

Smuggler's Cove nestled along the shores of Bastion
Fine Dining and Dancing

Thank you for all the support!! We are turning 1 year old!!

Reyn Softly in all his glory! EEP skies are so incredibly fun to play with. I added my Surfer Reyn image as a Reyn Cloud at Bastion Region. Only this cloud doesn't bring rain, lol he brings the shade cause our future is so damn bright! Try adding images to your EEP skies, the results are amazing!

We are back online!! New jewelry added to the store, please stop by anytime!

continuum grid is now online 24/7 we have migrated to a new server, please feel free to stop by anytime. grid is offline today we are upgrading the grid. we will be back up and running later today or tomorrow. we will post a notice to let you know when we are back up and running. see you soon, hugs ❤

Sierras taking shape. Thank you Jimmy Olsen for the great grasses and trees.

Creating a new region "Sierras". I felt a need to plant trees, and bring the Sierras alive virtually. Thank you to the firefighters who worked to save my home ❤

Having fun building sand castles...feels good to relax at the beach :)

Bastion is home to CurledSun cove. Surfing, Wind Surfing, Jet skis, and big fluffy
white clouds with an azure sea...see you soon :)

At Bastion we have an underwater attraction in honor of J and his Blue Mind
philosophy. We have free sea plants for your underwater project, please feel free
to grab a box. bikini by Betty FashionLover
To Opensimworld, can you please look at the last three messages I received? I have three threats from your members. As soon as they threaten they delete account. I am just now home from being evacuated for two weeks, not even online so accusing me of being a hacker is laughable. Very funny that those doing the hacking are the ones accusing. Warning we have a few nuts loose at opensimworld.

Hello everyone, for those who tried to teleport in today and couldn't we apologize. The grid had a few hiccups but we are all restored. Please stop by anytime!

We are back online at the grid, we have new jewelry at the Monentes Jewelry store, come check it out!

New grid hours-we will be shutting the grid down each night at 7 PM PDT for maintenance back online each morning 5 AM PDT

We have updated our Bastion welcome region. Beautiful azure seas with volcanoes, tikis and totems, surfboards and bikinis. Thank you Wicked for the inspiration hugs

We just published Virtual-HG magazine July 2020
Exclusive Interview-Betty Fashion Lover
Journey of Tiers
Troubleshooting with Fred

Had fun swimming with the mermaids this morning.

The day is winding down here at Bastion, grid. Busy day today it is nice to relax on the beach after a busy week. There is a nice shopping center here nestled along the bluffs. All items are free. Next time you want to relax a little, I would suggest a stroll on the beach. hop://
We have very exciting news to share with you. As you know Reyn and I met at the virtual publication at that Canadian grid. We love collaborating on articles about our projects and activities so we thought we would like to share all that we are working on at grid with a new magazine.
We will also feature the different grids we explore throughout the hypergrid sharing their latest projects and events. You can read about it here We will list the region as soon as it is completed.
We are making progress on our Virtual-HG region, our office. @Reyn Softly created stunning falls that curve along the shore line beautifully. We set the environment to [TOR] Sunset-Early Warning. On this build we decided to use a palette we think you will love too. We chose a Rose/Gold and copper theme throughout the build. The wallpaper is rose with abstract gold swirls, we have copper tiled ceilings, copper window frames the effect is just stunning with this sky setting. We will have our opensimworld beacon live next week after we finish the landscaping, we invite you to stop by then. grid is back online. we hope to see you soon!

Our freebie mall is stocked with free full perm items. You will find furnitures, indoor, outdoor, modern, casual. Sofas, tables, pictures and frames, shelves
When you create a new membership at you will have a choice of Female, Male or Neutral avatar.

We have new Female and Male starter avatars thanks to Hyacinth Jewell of HG Luv grid.

Female Avatar is a LuvMyBod Mesh Avatar she is also wearing the latest Monentes Jewelry and working AO.

Male Avatar has working AO and wearing Roth mesh avatar with Rana hair.

Please visit the HG Luv grid and show Hyacinth some love ❤
#HGLUV #LMB #Ruth #Roth #continuum grid

Infinite Love Necklace-Free Full Perms-Bastion-Chez Lux


Wave Bangle-free and fulll perms
Monentes Jewelry
Bastion-Chez Lux hop://

flutterby choker and earrings-free-full perms-
Monentes Jewelry-Bastion-Chez Lux

New pair of turquoise earrings at Monentes Jewelry-Bastion-Chez Lux
Free Full Perms

I have noticed when I marked jewelry to full perm/free some remained for sale. I apologize, I went back through the jewelry and think it is all set to free now. If you notice any for sale please just let me know and I will update it to free.

Next time you visit check out the quads and dunes!! Quad is by Kayaker Magic it is set to free ride!

Endless available now free and full perms.

Wedding rings added to the bridal department. Free proposal animations too all free and full perms.

Birthstone and Initial rings are available at Monentes Jewelry-Free hop:// is up and running again we hope to see you soon.

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Johnny Rebel Now this place rocks. Love tropical anything. lol VERY NICE build! Ya'll do good work. 5 stars :)

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Elegance City 2 years ago
Marianna beautiful works, congratulations
Marianna 2 years ago
thank you, @gotham city please stop by anytime I will have the seashells out hopefully tomorrow.
Destiny257Seranade 2 years ago
Thank you Marianna for helping me out! Also ty for such beautiful jewelry! You are a very kind and generous lady! Thanks for the sharing and caring! Big hugs!
Marianna 2 years ago
Thank you Destiny, I really loved how you loved that Wedding Rose ring. When I made that, I kept the roses natural and not gold or platinum I was a bit unsure at first, thank you for loving that ring :) Please stop by anytime!
Karmalot Queen Karma 2 years ago
I agree that your jewelry is some of the finest thank you.
Marianna 2 years ago
Thank you QK ;)
Niketa Amly 2 years ago
YAY! I am so glad to see you back. You have the best jewelry. Welcome back!!!
Marianna 2 years ago
Hugs you! It is NICE to be back!! I will be creating new items soon, please stop by anytime!