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Formerly known as Mainsim. Beaches, Park land, Farm land, Swamps, Marinas, Mountains, Cliff walkways, fishing and Traditional Parks, off-sim islands.
Explore our ruins in the swamps, enjoy the coastal areas with beautiful views. A great day out for the whole family. Photography encouraged. Promote your products with great backdrops.

Full shopping town with lots of things collected from around the grids. Clutterfly, Linda Kelly, Selea Core. clothing and accessories for men and women. Everything you need to build your sim or avatar.

Under constant redevelopment, things may change.

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Han_Held 24 days ago
I visited from my desktop and objects loaded quickly, but textures seemed to not want to load for me. I'm not sure if that's a problem on my end, the network, or just the volume of textures (which you've already mentioned :)). Great work any way you slice it, however -thank you!
Zoe Synclair 23 days ago
Thanks Han, yes there are lots of textures to load in and I think a lot are not optimized. Unfortunately, I do not have the textures that are on collected items, so I can't optimize them. I guess it's just a case of being patient :/ Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it and I'm pleased to know that people are able to visit relatively easily (at last LOL).
Niketa Amly 5 months ago
Tried to visit but wouldnt tp me there
Zoe Synclair 5 months ago
Thanks for letting me know. I'll check to see if there's anything I can do. I noticed on the log that you appear to have been authorised but there was no record after that. I'm a bit confused as to why. I'll try TP'ing from OSGrid to make sure everything is working.
Zoe Synclair 5 months ago
OK, I teleported from OSGrid and it seems to work fine. Teleport took a few seconds but, as is usual, region rezzing took a couple of minutes. Sorry you had difficulty, all I can suggest is "try again" :)
thedeeferry 10 months ago
Very well done! Cannot be appreciated in just one visit. Wow!
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Thanks for the comment, thedeeferry, glad you liked it :)
Victor DeAngelo 10 months ago
Loved seeing some of my creations featured on this fun-to-explore sim. Kudos to the owner for keeping OS FREE!
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Indeed, Victor, your own sim was a great inspiration to me. Thanks for the comment and thanks for the many things you bring to FREE Opensim.
Power OfGreen 10 months ago
Its a huge build. Wonderful to go thru. Take your time and enjoy like I did. Great! lots of goodies woowowow
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Thanks, PowerOfGreen, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit :)
Yes, it is bigger than it looks. I took it offline a few months ago to rework it. So it is still a work in progress. Hoping to keep it up and running now, at least on weekends :)
italianmeatt 10 months ago
Great Land and well laid out, had no lag at all once things loaded and was able to move freely about. Lots to see and lots of goodies too. Thanks Zoe :)
Zoe Synclair 10 months ago
Thanks Italianmeat. I'm glad you like it :)