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Visit us for exploring, photography, shopping and entertainment. All are welcome!

Bernicia has a large town surrounded by countryside and coastal walks. with lots of original builds and things collected from around the grids, including clothing and accessories for men and women. We also have a good selection of hair, intimates, BDSM items, Mesh bodies and Mesh heads. Bernicia World is not only a freebie sim. It is designed for exploration and relaxation with some exclusive items. Roleplayers welcome.

Beaches, Park land, Farm land, Swamps, Marinas, Mountains, Cliff walkways, fishing and Traditional Parks, off-sim islands, shopping and more! Most objects are free to copy, so if you like something take a copy. If you find anything for sale for more than zero, please let me know. Everything here should be free.

Explore our ruins in the swamps, enjoy coastal walks with beautiful views. A great day out for all. Photography encouraged. Promote your products with great backdrops. You may rez your own pose balls for photography but please remember to take them when done. Nudity and nude photography is OK, all we ask is that you please be respectful to others. NO sexual ageplay (paedophillia) allowed, although child avatars are welcome but must not engage in any sexual activity while here.

Exclusive: Synclair Designs - Free clothing for Ruth 2, Classic Standard Sizing and Athena.

Key words: Nature, Town, Coastline, Farmland, Relax, Relaxation, Peaceful, Peace, Park, Public Park, Forest, Swamp, Ruins, Coast, Beach, Church, Promenade, Freebies, Shops, Ruth2, Ruth 2, Roth2, Roth 2, Monument, Selea Core, Athena, Adonis, Decadence, DecadenceHG

Happy Christmas (or whatever you celebrate in winter) to all.
Let's hope it is the end of a very stressful year and the beginning of better days :)

Athena isn't the only mesh avatar on Opensim. There is growing interest in the Opensource Ruth2 and Roth 2 Avatars. Version 4 (now available) is also BOM compatible!

Come and meet Ruth2 and Roth2. We've found more stuff for them. Ruth is in Synclair Designs store in the Market place. Roth2 is in the FOR MEN store, opposite the Decadence Warehouse
I've decided, for the sake of sanity, that 64 regions is too much for the server and for me to manage, so have consolidated to 2x16 region independent sims.

It was an interesting experiment but not all experiments are successful and, sadly, this was one of them. In most cases, frames per second were down to unacceptable levels - often 4FPS or less. That is, of course, not conducive to an enjoyable experience.

The Sims are now Bernicia World and Icescape. FPS now are at between 15 and 30FPS with a draw distance of 512 after allowing time to rez, a much more acceptable range. If you visit, it might be better to keep draw distance down to 248 for now.
Online time has been a bit spotty for the last two days. This is because we have doubled our server size and RAM, as well as getting a higher speed connection. We have also joined the four mega regions (16 sims each) into one super region of 64 sims.

We have also separated Bernicia East and renamed it Icescape. This is so we can have different ground textures on there.

At the moment, this is experimental and we'll see how it works and whether it improves any region crossing lag and has manageable login lag. I have noticed that rezzing of terrain and ground textures is longer than before and would be interested to know what others think. Is it too long? Does it impact your enjoyment of the regions - for instance.

If you experience any problems, please leave a comment here as I can only tell what happens between the UK, which is where I am and Germany, where the server is. Things may be different from other countries and continents so feedback is appreciated.

We can change back or reduce the number of sims if this doesn't work reasonably well.
We've found some new stuff for the Adult Store. BDSM stuff mainly for men and a few new things for the girls.

Women's stuff is on the ground floor, Men's stuff, BDSM and Animesh is upstairs.

Reminder: No Child Avatars allowed in this store.
Well, because of the recent tech issues I haven't had time to make a halloween scene, so in an attempt to make up for it I'll be streaming creepy stories over the halloween period. Just turn on your "music" and listen. There is a short delay before it starts to play, so please be patient. Happy Halloween!

This pic is Shay, Sandy and I sitting by the waterfall at midnight listening to the creepy stories. Midnight is always the best time to listen to scary stories.

Our Web Site is currently in beta and is currently being populated (sorry, no SSL connection yet, but we don't collect or store any data from it.)
Bernicia Prime Adult Store.

I'll leave it to your imagination what's in there - unless you want to find out for yourself ;)
Some cool... erm.. I mean... hot stuff. No child avatars allowed in this store.
Thank you to all who offered advice and help in the recent crash, including those who commented, IM'd and emailed. The problem could not be fixed by remote, so I've reset the whole server and started again from scratch (using last backed up OARs and IARs)

This last week Bernicia has been limping along on a standalone server with SQL Lite (the problem was so bad that I couldn't even get a working MySQL working). Now it is back to normal, running on Dreamgrid again with Robust and MySQL.

Thanks again to all those who contacted me, you have given me great confidence in the Opensim Community.
We are back but with caveats. Dreamgrid stopped working on our server after installing a web server. We uninstalled the web server but that only fixed half the problem. Dreamgrid crashes when "checking diagnostic port".

We know that all needed ports are working and open because everything was working fine before. If anyone can help with this problem so that we can get back days of work lost, please IM me here or email zoe.synclair [at]

Meanwhile, Bernicia Prime is running on a standalone instance of Opensim. We lost about two days of improvements (the last time we backed up to oar) and, of course, all inventory for avatars which means that new features cannot be restored unless we get Dreamgrid working again. The sim is, however, open for visits!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Temporarily Closed for Server Update

We've now developed the northern side of the region into a beautiful woodland walk. Take the Honeysuckle pathway and enjoy!
Also made more signage to guide you to what you want.

Thanks to all who visit but please note:
We are still getting visitors to our old URL. This is a small server that is now only used for test and development and is no longer being used to host Bernicia. It is largely a blank sim. Our new URL is If you have landmarks to the old one, please change or delete them and use the new one instead.

The old URL is still active but only for the purposes of new projects and hypergridding by the admin. To enjoy Bernicia Prime, please use the new one.

Thank you.

The region is back after emergency maintenance. Sorry for any inconvenience :)

New Server is now public.
I've transfered Bernicia to a new server which has more memory and bandwidth. Hopefully, this will help with lag problems.

Meanwhile, I'll be using the old server for development of future projects.
I've been experimenting with Alchemy Viewer, which is very fast on Opensim but have noticed that it doesn't rezz textures from the Opensim Texture Library. I would, therefore recommend using Firestorm when visiting Bernicia, as I do use some textures from the OS Library for parts of the ground.

Also, Bernicia will be moving to a faster server soon - the new server is in Alpha development and I'll let you know when it's ready to go public.

Happy Opensimming.

Synclair Designs, Bernicia Town Square.

Synclair Designs now have 18 Exclusive dresses for Ruth 2, Classic Avatars and Athena. (Ruth 2 uses either Athena or Medium size depending on your shape).
The Store is Located in Bernicia Town Square.
New Collection - Formal Harness Gown - from Synclair Designs. Store is located in main Town Square.
All Synclair Designs are for sale for Free Made in Opensim. (Sorry for those who visited yesterday, I forgot to set them for sale Doh!)

New from Synclair Designs. Our First Collection designed especially for Opensim and, inkeeping with the tradition, they are free - Copy Mod.

It's a new dawn and I've installed a dedicated server for the region, so it will be operating 24/7 (with occasional restarts and maintenance down time).

I've migrated the region to SSD and would appreciate it if visitors would let me know here about your experience when visiting Bernicia. If you have visited before and can remember your experience, it would be good to know if it has improved or got worse since you last visited.

In particular, It would be helpful if you could let me know about any difficulties in teleporting to the grid and any rez problems you have whilst there. Be aware, though, that the region is quite large and is run on a PC, not a dedicated server, so initial rez times will be slower - up to 5 minutes. Other than that, please let me know if you have difficulties in moving around, copying items etc., it would be a great help.

Our core times vary depending on my workload but will hopefully be between 11am and 8pm BST (UK Time).

Thanks, and stay sa.
After a couple of months "offline", I decided that today is a good time to open up again. It's my RL wedding anniversary, and since no-one is allowed to go out of their RL homes here, going out on Opensim is the next-best thing.

Uzuri Hypergate Drive. Everything you need for your avatar.

Furniture Store now OPEN on Uzuri Mainsim.
Full Bedroom and Living Room sets or, take copies of individual items.
You'll need the AVSitter and/or one of the bed animated mattresses (available in store)

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Region Comments

Johnny Rebel 4 months ago
Will look at this when I can get my grid up. No Rebelworld=no Johnny Rebel. lol xD Sounds great. Bookmarked. :)
Zoe Synclair 4 months ago
You will be welcome, Johnny. Please feel free to visit and have a good look around :)
Han_Held 9 months ago
I visited from my desktop and objects loaded quickly, but textures seemed to not want to load for me. I'm not sure if that's a problem on my end, the network, or just the volume of textures (which you've already mentioned :)). Great work any way you slice it, however -thank you!
Zoe Synclair 8 months ago
Thanks Han, yes there are lots of textures to load in and I think a lot are not optimized. Unfortunately, I do not have the textures that are on collected items, so I can't optimize them. I guess it's just a case of being patient :/ Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it and I'm pleased to know that people are able to visit relatively easily (at last LOL).
Niketa Amly 1 years ago
Tried to visit but wouldnt tp me there
Zoe Synclair 1 years ago
Thanks for letting me know. I'll check to see if there's anything I can do. I noticed on the log that you appear to have been authorised but there was no record after that. I'm a bit confused as to why. I'll try TP'ing from OSGrid to make sure everything is working.
Zoe Synclair 1 years ago
OK, I teleported from OSGrid and it seems to work fine. Teleport took a few seconds but, as is usual, region rezzing took a couple of minutes. Sorry you had difficulty, all I can suggest is "try again" :)
thedeeferry 1 years ago
Very well done! Cannot be appreciated in just one visit. Wow!
Zoe Synclair 1 years ago
Thanks for the comment, thedeeferry, glad you liked it :)
Victor DeAngelo 1 years ago
Loved seeing some of my creations featured on this fun-to-explore sim. Kudos to the owner for keeping OS FREE!
Zoe Synclair 1 years ago
Indeed, Victor, your own sim was a great inspiration to me. Thanks for the comment and thanks for the many things you bring to FREE Opensim.
Power OfGreen 1 years ago
Its a huge build. Wonderful to go thru. Take your time and enjoy like I did. Great! lots of goodies woowowow
Zoe Synclair 1 years ago
Thanks, PowerOfGreen, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit :)
Yes, it is bigger than it looks. I took it offline a few months ago to rework it. So it is still a work in progress. Hoping to keep it up and running now, at least on weekends :)
italianmeatt 1 years ago
Great Land and well laid out, had no lag at all once things loaded and was able to move freely about. Lots to see and lots of goodies too. Thanks Zoe :)
Zoe Synclair 1 years ago
Thanks Italianmeat. I'm glad you like it :)