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UPDATE: I will be shutting down the grid temporarily on the Febuary 22nd as I am relocating the grid to another host. We will be back up soon, so stay tuned!

This world is like Christmas in Tahoe but it lasts all year which is ran by myself and Robbidude Rockstar. We have winter, Snow, Music, freebies, clubs and even Santa! I use this as a way of visualizations to change reality as I know it and it works. I wanted to share this with all of you in hopes you enjoy it. Everything in my world I either asked for permission, bought, created and uploaded myself or got from freebie shops from different grids. If you see something you created and don't want there, just let me know and I'll remove it. I am also in the process of putting our music, books and music videos and our movies that we have done and produced, with a way where you can access it online. Much love to you all and blessings. In this world it's always happy, as life should be!! The progress in this world is going good as I'm still building, so check back if there's isn't a whole lot yet.

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Sam Adama Are you looking for the spirit of Christmas? Then you need to visit this beautiful place! Snow, winter, bells and festive atmosphere. The most important thing is the wonderful hospitality of the owner of the region! You must visit this amazing place!

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