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Welcome! Come on over don't mind our dust, we're still updating and replacing things since we lost 5 months of stuff due to a corrupt server. (No I didn't have a back up) My bad, but I do now! We have starter avies when you join and starter items for you to get settled until you search the metaverse for more things. We also have doors for you to TP to other places in our grid! Guaranteed FUN! NO CHILD AVIES!!!! I have removed all my regions from OSW you will only be able to access them through the welcome, this way IP can be tracked easily. I removed the regions for members protections. I put my members first.

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Tribute Lights 911 NEVER FORGET!
Hey! RB Owner Justyn Tyme, say hello when you stop by. Oh and the fairy, she greets you when to visit :-)
3 months - 0 comments
Starter shops to help you get started here.
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Information center, with TP doors to other fun places we have.
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RideBack Grid is undergoing maintenance while online, you will experience slow connecting or cant get there or log into the grid. It is a networking issues and we're trying to solve it as I hear word from dreamgrid. Hang tight! We will get this! Thank you members for having faith in me and thank you visitors for your daily visits and keep visiting! We love you all. HANG TIGHT! Many members don't get thanked enough well you're thanked a lot from me I Promise you that!
Undergoing full reboot and full cache clean up. Server will also be undergoing a full reboot and clean up. HANG TIGHT!
JustynTyme 1 months
Greedy anyone?
JustynTyme 1 months
Pardon our dust we are still working on it, but you're welcome to visit...
JustynTyme 1 months
The Ride Back Welcome center is getting a make over! Stay Tuned....
JustynTyme 2 months
Tonight is the HoeDown at the farm! 7pm pst til ? Your DJ Justyn will be busting out those toe tappin, boot scootin tunes!

So , round up some rowdy friends and lasso your way here tonight!

YEEEHAW! Oh lawd them bees are just chasing me! Im out! OUCH!
JustynTyme 2 months
Thank you all the new members joining Ride Back We are growing at a steady pace and next year in hopes to take Ride Back to a new level :-)
JustynTyme 2 months
Welcome new members!
JustynTyme 2 months
Server is now done updating and in reboot mode :-) Hang tight!
JustynTyme 2 months
The grid is in full reboot, teleport issues, rezzing issues... hang tight!!!!

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Hello! What's not to love here! When I first joined I was hesitant but after going around the regions, I find everyone pleasing to chat with that I ran into. regions here are very nice low lag on all the regions even the club! Oh the Adult Fantasies Love that place! Its so elegantly made and the mus...
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