Event Likes/Comments
Austin Moores 7:00pm (grid time) LIVE
25 May 2019 11:54 SLT
Austin can soothe, char and melt any and all. His talent is immense and a joy to listen to and dance to COME JOIN US!!!
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Singergirl LIVE! 3:30 pm (grid time)
25 May 2019 11:51 SLT
Singergirl is back!!! She can entertain like few others, power voice that loves requests off a over500 song list!! COME JOIN US!!
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Bow Shim LIVE 2:30pm (grid time)
25 May 2019 11:50 SLT
Bo is here every third Saturday to entertain us with his sounds, his laughter and his warmth. COME JOIN US!!
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