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Welcome to Breath in Freedom grid
Find all informations, the freebies shop, all about the grid and land marks for shopping and fun here...
get your free parcel, rentals, full access to Golden Shopping freebies mall, free shop, free avatar... make friends


find a free place to set home, all furniture offered, free homes , outside bars and tubs….

Dont stay alone on grids, it is so much fun when you can share… Breath in Freedom grid makes it easy for you to join groups and to meet others… We have fishing group, games group, and dating group… Many already found a partner joining the dating club, and yes they found a match and are so happy now ;-)
Those groups are free to join, no need to be grid member, so feel free to try it is no cost !

Sail from Welcome to "The Stones"....


New and available in Breath in Freedom grid


new for you….


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Goldenmoon When a grid owner bann some people there is always a good Reason, be sure of it.
Sylvia-Koeln Why are avatars banned from certain grids ????
Zeus2485 Anton I love place with land ren and shoping

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