The Caves

The Caves
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A prospector greets you, speaking of underground tunnels and above ground caves, old mines and mysterious forces surround the previous owner... Explore and follow a mystical story, read the notes to discover mysteries of the caves. (Enable ALM and sounds!)

Original story and build by Andron Rae.
Landscaping assistance by Pasha Theas.

This lab looks arcane. What was going on here?

A crew of miners must have worked here before, but what were they excavating?

Careful, steep stairs...

Oh no, it looks like this mine entrance collapsed...

That's a restricted area, I best stay out...

The prospector's cabin

Someone built a makeshift path of boards to the other chamber...

There's that symbol again, what's beyond the gate?

A rickety old bridge beckons us further inside...

Another mine shaft...

Another entrance above ground...

What strange technology is this?

Crystals growing here?

Those pallet stairs don't look so safe...

Get me out of here!

Strange forces abound...

Is there gold and riches in the caves?

Climb the ladder then touch the black darkness to descend ... at your own peril!

Items to help you see in the darkness of the caves...

Starting point with quest giver NPC

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Thirza Ember Magical place by a talented artist.
ArEebus Wonderfully landscaped, amusingly implemented and blended with pleasing storytelling. The Caves is a great example of a more than nice experience that teases your sense of wonder.

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Dear Andron, your Caves are amazing. It was a great journey and reminded me to the adventures games I use to play in the past.