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Tons of FREEBIES everywhere but especially in Macys and IKEA. Scooters for getting around to visit Central Park, Times Sq, City Hall, and over the bridges into the Brooklyn Projects,(watch out for muggers) Spearmint Rhino and the Northside Bikers Bar with access to dirt tracks, backstreet racing and the Rave Bunker. plus a games arcade under The Chrysler Building. Head backstage when you visit The Empire State Theatre to grab instruments, amps and everything theatrical or take a scenic boat ride from South Ferry into the canal system to visit the Twin Towers Memorial Gardens and onwards into the docks and the East River. Subway trains are running and mind out for the kamikaze yellow cabs.Plenty of hidden places to find.Everything that can be copy is!.Please enjoy yourselves, collect loads of free stuff and above all HAVE FUN!

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wicked 3 months
Very kind and helpful staff, Thank you, to Richie. Great layout.. Very very very large place city theme was impressive
JeffEdwards 3 months
Great recreation of the Big Apple. Good shopping and GREAT help from the host!
gotham 4 months
VxxVenus 4 months
great place to visit full of so many freebies and very well made its like walking through the city itself
Diamond01 4 months
great work thank you
Love_Hope 10 months
I visited this awesome grid that represents its name. It is really fantastic! Now you can visit NYC right from the comfort of your own home. Richie Darkstar, who is such a nice person with an exceptional personality, created a wonderful NYC build. I look forward to visiting this all the builds when time permits. Tranquility is highly recommended!
MalaniBaller 10 months
The owner is very nice. I am a New York native he has captured the essence of new york the sim is beautiful great job! and yes I actually visited.
Jazmine11Luckstone 10 months
How Many did you pay off for a good review?, it's a big joke
IceTea 10 months
Wow, impressed with Tranquility (TQ)! I visited TQ NYC; it's a beautiful build with a lot of attention to detail and great functionality. The talent that went into building NYC is creates such a nice place to visit. Some people have natural born talent, great managerial skills, and are just a peoples person. The scripting and the layout in NYC and various other TQ builds are just totally awesome! I am so impressed with the creativity that is shown in TQ as well as the people are very nice; personality does matter. It's better to just vanish than to attempt to harm or hurt others' morally with unpleasant comments. When one has a caring heart, it breeds concern, love, and peace; so much more is needed in this world! No offense intended. Peace out!

I am Ice Tea. No one paid me for this review, and I approve this message!
Hugs Jazmine :DD
SamsaraTimeless 10 months
Ha ha ha, not to everyones taste then Jazmine?. Well thats ok. we made the place for fun, not to impress anyone. I can assure you all the good comments and reviews are real. NYC seems to be the 5th region you have posted rude comments about today. Oh well, have a fun life. We are :)
Amaranthim 10 months
My partner and I were there last night. It was such fun! So much to see and amazing attention to detail. Yes to Freebies galore- I am not sure how our scooters were able to carry so much stuff! ;)
I highly recommend a visit and we shall be returning because there is much more than can be seen in an hour. Great job!!
Shanti 10 months
What a wonderful job much thought was put into this sim and unlike i thought due to comment i had ZERO LAG but i did get run over by a bus but Hey Thats New York For You :)
thedeeferry 10 months
I had a great shopping and touring day in New York City! Thank you.
TeddyBrat 10 months
I think who ever made this could have put a little more time into it and made more than just one store with more items in it! I did have fun running over the pedestrians though!
If you need any freebies there is a lot of stuff in the welcome and we also have Spoiled Diva region on our grid as well.
SamsaraTimeless 10 months
Thanks for your comment Teddy. The idea wasn't to create a freebie mall. it was to create an adventure (with freebies) and as almost everything everywhere is copyable and there are several walk in places, The Empire State, The Chrysler Building, The Twin Towers, Spearmint Rhino, City Hall and the bikers club that just need a little bit of looking for I think we achieved that. Also the scooter rides, the boat trips into the (suddenly discovered) underground canals and the working subway system and the helicopter all hopefully add to the idea of New York, which was the main aim.
Two and a half months was plenty enough build time for me thanks :)
Glad you enjoyed maiming the NPC's though. Jaywalking seems to have caught on in this NYC :)
VictorDeAngelo 10 months
Having visited NYC numerous times, this sim really has the look and feel. Also, finding the freebie locations was fun. Great job! Sharing is caring!
BowenGardner 10 months
What a fantastic build. So detailed and with a real feel of the big city. It's so refreshing to find a busy region with people and cars moving around just like RL. Congratulations on a must see region that was obviously built with such love. Oh and btw, NO LAG for me either. Everything rezzed fine and quickly. Check this region out!
Destiny257Seranade 10 months
I visited this place last night and just loved the way it was laid out and the way it made one feel like they were really in New Your City. I had no problem rezzing at all nor with any type of lag! Great build!!
italianmeat 10 months
Nicely laid out sim and alot of time and effort went into creating this New York Sim and it does give you the feel of being there with all of the buildings and moving pedestrians and of course all the taxi's driving all over the place :) I had NO lag at all and everything loaded just fine and the freebies are set up in stores just like a real store would have, super nice and well worth the visit
EM_Virtuality_G 10 months
Hi , i visit this sim and i cant agree with PurrfecttKatt , all Build´s rezz in a few .
All Npc´s and all other too.
Its a great Place !!!!! you all should visit New York at its best .. No crime lol
See you all there!!
Kind Regards Andy
Polly 10 months
Great place to explore...mind the cabs though!
Definitely gives you a feel for what it's like being in New York City. A Native New Yorker even said it looked pretty authentic! Lots to explore here so check it out!
Chad.Deischer 10 months
Awesome work !

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What a wonderful experience!! I have been here a couple of times but today I spent a whole lot of time wandering the streets!! From the seediest neighborhoods to Time's all there!! The sights and sounds of New York City!! I wanted to walk and window shop, have coffee in the cafes, see a B...
Great Build Sam !!! we miss you and your wife !! Andy
Nicely laid out sim and alot of time and effort went into creating this New York Sim and it does give you the feel of being there with all of the buildings and moving pedestrians and of course all the taxi's driving all over the place :) I had NO lag at all and everything loaded just fine and the fr...
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