Sweet Waters


I like to Give thanks to all that Visitor that come to Pacification Grid we are very proud of the Builder's we have at Pacification Grid and some of the designer we have at sweet water mall and new shop that been Put out more then 3 months now and the awesome stuff we get SC, Framing and the great thing we do here Its Been a pleasure serving the people of open sim with the entertainment each week with some Great live singer and Dj our Grid will open London soon and Great new mall with in main land . Great Place to start new home and have Neighbor . we have freebie on out Grid as well also offer Ruth body for anyone that want to use it I will not bite my Tongue people or drama other to make my self importance This Grid is freedom and at peace with each other and other Grids , I very seldom Get the Change to Visit other Grids , But all are welcome here Please enjoy your stay with us. As Most I like to hyper Grid or Visit other people when ask again thank you to everyone that come to pa...

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Brenden Joseph
Nice place and nice people :)

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Xazha Halsey
This is my favorite grid I have ever been to! I love the fun-loving crowd here. There are fewer technical difficulties here than any other grid I have seen. Fantastic Dj's and Singers are in the clubs. We play greedy and just hang out a lot. Good People!!

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one of the best clubs in open sim grid having fun with friendly people and some outstanding DJ'S around so come visit us everyone is welcome

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