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Endless Summer
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Endless Summer...

The very name paints the picture of a paradise.

And it is.

Endless Summer is both my home (I live in an English Manor House) and the host platform for all of my venues.

Jeff's Place! The Ultimate singles meeting place. Come and dance to our 24/7 romantic music anytime or join DJ Jeff Edwards for his romantic stylings 6-8pm Saturday nights!

The Courtyard Restaurant - A virtual dining experience like no other, complete with wait staff and a personal DJ. Available by reservation only for a two-hour four-course dinner. Perfect for rezdays and anniversaries.

The Beach - Oldies! A weekly Classic Pop set that never fails to feel like a beach party from days gone by. Bring your swimsuit!

Come join us. And be Welcome.

Jeff' Beach Party
Where: Endless Summer
When: 4 days ago [2 Jul 2020 18:00 SLT]

Grab your surfboards, beachwear and favorite dance partner! World Class DJ Jeff Edwards rocks with the beach with his unique blend of Classic Pop. He's kicking butt and taking requests! You won't want to miss it. Take the beacon to the Sim "Endless Summer!"

Jeff's Place - Romantic Ballroom
Where: Endless Summer
When: 23 days ago [13 Jun 2020 18:00 SLT]

There was once a place in Second Life where singles could meet and mingle... where couples could come to celebrate... where Romance was the business of the hour. That place lives on in Discovery Grid as "Jeff's Place". We have romantic music and atmosphere 24/7, with a special set each Saturday by World Class DJ Jeff Edwards. Get out your best Tux or Ballgown and come enjoy an atmosphere like nothing else on the grid. Romance... Class... and a bit of Virtual World Magic. Jeff's Place!

Jeff's Beach Party
Where: Endless Summer
When: 25 days ago [11 Jun 2020 18:00 SLT]

Come join Jeff on the Beach for a set of "Classic Pop!", the great groups from the late 60's thru the 90's. It all takes place under the moonlight on a warm sandy beach. There's dancing, campfires, and places to hide... all while Jeff spins the hits you remember (and some you haven't thought about in years!) And YES! He takes requests! The party starts at 6! Click for your surfboard!
Take the beacon to Endless Summer!

One of our patrons posted a GREAT video from a recent Beach Party! Just wanted to share it!

DiscoveryGrid.net:8002:Endless Summer

Finally... a place in Virtual Worlds for singles to meet and fall in love! A place for Couples to celebrate their love! The ULTIMATE romantic ballroom. DiscoveryGrid.net:8002:Endless Summer

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Suzan Von Otter a good example here if reality and virtuality are one. A beach party where the owner got carried away to put up signs like in real life. the fun is over then . I will now avoid your parties!
Katrina North Had my first date at this restaurant to my now husband and rl boyfriend Sly. This place is romantic beyond measure.

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Alex 1 years ago
Lovely place to dance. Come on down and join us.
Arya Paul 1 years ago
Well done, indeed! A lovely venue. Can't wait to visit on a Saturday night!