Free Land
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7 months

1/4 of region all free with 5.000 prims for new residents
for home or business

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Imani62 29d
Can anyone please tell me how to log into this grid. I have done a pw and user name and firestorm says its not me.
just have a look there,
I guess it's a mistake with username when you registered
Liz17 5 months
Thank you for the free lands! :-)
Goldenmoon 5 months
you are very welcome ;-)
Goldenmoon 5 months
Most of the freebies are now on Golden Shopping region… But we had to close it for HG visitors… not to have people like NovemberRain and her friends there… many grids have been banned from our too, because they take creators work to put in their grid, for freebies or resell… That makes our grid even more safe and friendly ….without drama people
Goldenmoon 6 months
NovemberRain ….Maybe you are not happy because I offer some free lands… Well it is my right… and I dont gain any money giving region or quaters for free, it costs me some rl money so … what tax evasion are you talking about ? maybe you don't understand what FREE means… well use a dictionnary then.
NovemberRain 6 months
Free land with no hypergrid for freebie grids is like a garden without flowers or like North Korea, not good! Newbies never use currency in this grid not safe stolen content sold and tax evasion done, Avoid!
DonitoDarkstone 6 months
"like North Korea, not good!" You better watch what you write, NovemberRain… Talking about a country this bad way ! Dont think people from there will appreciate…
and about all what you pretend knowing about some grids, this one and others , well let's wait for people to see by their own … even new ones will understand you are a lies addicted or simply never went to those places you talk about.
Goldenmoon 6 months
ahahah no hypergrid for freebie grid … you must be joking well normal you never came here so you Don't know what you're talking about… new ones ? Currency ? they Don't need they have all free, land, shops, homes… furniture … stolen content ? are you talking about yourself ? could be because everybody knows I build all myself with simple prims I rezz on floor …. ahahah maybe you better find a freebies shop for glasses or have a check up ….

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