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Monthly changing expo's of the Imaginairy world of Yara Qi.
The freebies at the sim, are generously given by the members of Foundation grid.
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Bloom at Madhouse is still under construction. Soon open with lots of freebies!
6 days ago - 1 comments
6 days ago - 0 comments
Spring Caravan
6 days ago - 0 comments
Yara Qi, flowergirl at Madhouse region Bloom in progress
6 days ago - 1 comments

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LilyLove 12 hours ago
i will love to come here but it keep saying Grid: No regions found with that name.
Susie_Wong 1 months ago
certainly one of the most imperative places in the Opengrid,
A firm for the eyes, please look at it all!!!!
YaraQ1 1 months ago
thank you so much!
BelleStarr 1 months ago
An amazing wildly imaginative feast for the eyes with so much detail that it does take time to appreciate everything , I'd definitely return here again and again , Keep creating guys you are so gifted .
YaraQ1 1 months ago
Thank you very much ;-)
Karima123 1 months ago
Wonderfully creative and so much fun to explore...congratulations on a unique build!
YaraQ1 1 months ago
thank you so much Karima
1ChristyBendan 1 months ago
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 months ago
This is AMAZING! I love Alice. I had made a steampunk Alyss in Wunderland sim. this is one of the BEST traditional Alice Sims I have seen! Bravo.
P.S. is there anyway to get a copy of the floating cards, or the clocks?
YaraQ1 1 months ago
Hi, thank you ;-) I would love to see yours ;-) Where is this and whats your avatarname there? I will bring the cards and clocks with me for you. This region will be a freebie oar for all Foundation and Sacrarium users after the monthly expo ;-)
SteampunkSiouxsin 1 months ago
is the opensim page for it. My name there is Steampunk Siouxsin, and thank you
VictorDeAngelo 1 months ago
Definitely one of the most well done regions in OS; beautifully done and true to that wonderful childhood story. To those who visualized the story of Alice In Wonderland so effectively in 3D, I say, "On with their heads!"
YaraQ1 1 months ago
wow, thank you Victor, thats a huge compliment ;-)

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