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Tropical residential region open to beach lovers. This is an adult beach, nudity preferred, swim wear / casual wear welcome. Ride NPC horses, ride water craft or just walk along the beaches.. all ground level area's are open to visitors at this no drama allowed region. Mermaids, dancing, NPC's may be present. Free yourself. Get naked :)

Foundation Grid - residential region_03 - Wind light : midday

Foundation Grid - residential region_03 - Wind light : Magic Hour

Foundation Grid - residential region_03 - Wind light : Magic Hour

This is a tropical VAR region - lot's to see . Completely change the look and feel of the region by changing your wind light settings as shown in these photo's with wind light sky: Magic Hour

jet ski to romantic cabana's for a little private time with someone you love (or like a whole lot) ;) sit and watch the waves roll in, listen to the birds, get a massage and make your own 'Happy ending'.

Exploring our tropical residential region -

If I was going to create a place where I would live happily in that environment it would be on a tropical region like this and that is why I have designed this Sandy beach tropical retreat. 'miles n miles' of beach (var region) to ride either in solitude or with a friend on a NPC horse, sit, enjoy the surf, the birds, or explore the romantic hide away's scattered throughout the region. Free admittance - adult theme, nudity and animated sexual activities may be present. NPC's also available in region. Naturist retreat - means nudity or beachwear is preferred.. Clothing is allowed but if you want to strip off and let it dangle while you explore you are invited to do so. :)
Our ideal of a tropical paradise - with a naturist resort style theme - designed for walking, riding, and watercraft (boat's, jet ski, windsurfing) get lost wandering this var region of beaches and sparkling tropical waters. Adult animations, Nudity and beach attire preferred. Adult's only please and no child avatars in this adult region.

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italianmeatt 2 years ago
A Tropical themed land and is set up pretty good and has awesome details in her work and while exploring Christy stopped by and greeted me and was very polite and helpful and offered assistance if I needed it. Lots of nice Freebies all around and Thank You for the Freebies Christy and keep up the great work too :)
Zoe 2 years ago
A must visit! ☻