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The Resort
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The Terra - Omega Regions are Adult Themed
Access not allowed for : - Child - Kid Avatars, Furry and Animal - Clone Avatars

All Gender welcome

Cyborgs are allowed.

At the Marina Resort offering on request free Boat moor Docks
and at the RV Park free campsites

At THE RESORT free Houses and Holiday Huts

If you like to join and stay as home -- contact -- keep a note in the Postbox or IM Call

Explore The Forgotten Continent The Islands by swim (Swim Rezzer) or use on landing Zone the Jet Ski Rezzer, you find there too the Dive Zone - Forgotten Continent Nude Scuba diving, the Equipment for your dive experience you found on the Dive Platform Raft. At the Islands take a Parachute and enjoy the Trip in the sky and at the Pirate island take a Hangglider and explore all The Terra Omega Region by Skyflight.

The beach is a Nude Beach (Clothing free Zone ) and free to use by all visitors and residents. Nudist Area

The OMEGA CONTACT CLUB is a Worldwide Music Club Location with Outdoor and Indoor Club and its VIP Lounge Tower , DJ´s can spin here on request , This Music Club Sim is actually on Building not open to Public.

The Resort and The Islands - Forgotten Continent is OPEN for Public

NEW - THE SHOPPING AREA - FREEBIES - Body Sop, Vehicleshop, Footwear, The SEX SHOP, The Stripper SHOP , and much more ..................................... daily new Items

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For your Virtual Home: FREE HOMES at THE RESORT AVAILABLE Beach Huts, Tree Houses, Houses and FREE Spots at The RV - Park - Free Campers and Caravans
17 days ago - 0 comments
THE OMEGA Builders - Warehouse now at the Shopping Area 100 % Mesh Materials for your creations - Architectural Doors , Windows, Wall parts , Frames , Roofs and parts Stairs - Staircases and lot more Parts for your development. Use the Teleporter to the Shopping Area at the Landing Zone
17 days ago - 3 comments
Visit The Hairshop at The Resort Shopping Area - Come for a new hairstyle - Spring is coming
21 days ago - 0 comments
Now at Region TERRA Omega - The Resort - at THE SHOPPING AREA --- The Gun Shop
21 days ago - 0 comments

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Adrian 11 days ago
lovely place, freebies, and a lot to discover….
italianmeat 21 days ago
Beautiful Sim with lots to explore and Thank You for the Freebies too :)
DonitoDarkstone 2 months ago
very well done

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full of freebies, very well done, a place to go
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