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Apollo was known as the god of creativity and supported the arts. It is fitting that our Art Gallery home should be on this sim. Enjoy Mermaids (look for a puddle of water by the fountain), a Zoo, Greek and Victorian Photographs, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Erotic/Burlesque/Nude (look for the red door at the entrance of the cave), Grid Art and more. Enjoy sailing and boating around our 3VAR sims. Canoe rezzer on the boat docks.
The art is very eclectic and there is something for everyone...
Make sure you look UP and DOWN as you explore. There are many levels to enjoy.
All artwork is for sale ($G), is MOD/TRANs and make great gifts!
There is a small mall village area of stores for your shopping pleasure... Find.. Freebies, Dinkie clothes, system clothes, pajamas, furniture, plants, etc.
Still working on area so don't mind the dust :) Happy Shopping!

Photos & Posts
Wailers Tribute Band... starting NOW at the Cat Inn. 11am Sunday. ALL are welcome... Please join us for some great oldies.
23 days ago - 0 comments
Hi Gang... if you are looking for something to do at noon.. Join us for radio stories at the Cat Inn.... ALL are welcome.
2 months ago - 0 comments
The Cat Inn Radio Stories every Sunday ... 12noon... Dragnet and a Sci Fi story. Original radio broadcasts from the 50s and 60s. ALL are welcome. Come join the fun!
2 months ago - 1 comments
It's March fellow/ette Dinkies... and that means PREZZIE TIME!!! Join my Llola's Dinkie Shoppe Group and then grab your free gift!
5 months ago - 0 comments

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LlolaLane 4 months ago
First day of the April ... time to grab a free gift for all you Dinkies out there!!! (and that's no joke!) Just join my group and you will be informed of all my latest Dinkiewear and be able to grab the FREE APRIL GIFT of the Month!
LlolaLane 4 months ago
Last few days of the month to grab the free gift for all my Dinkies out there!!! Just join my group and you will be informed of all my latest Dinkiewear and be able to grab the FREE MARCH GIFT of the Month! hurry... hurry...

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I am so proud of our Art Gallery. Who knew looking at art could be an ADVENTURE? ALL are welcome!
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