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DJ Angel@ irie Vibes!!! @ 7pm grid time!!!

Region: Everything Irie
Event begins: 7 months: 23 Apr 2019 19:00 SLT

Come party with DJ Angel tonight @ Vibes. Dance, explore or just relax while DJ Angel spins some awesome tunes for you!!!

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JimmyOlsen QueenOfNarnia


AngelCasanova 7 months
Looking for Something to wake you up and to move you? ---- Dj Angel is Live @ Irie Vibes Tonight!!! 7pm-9pm She's got the Music to move you and make you get up and dance... The Music straight out of the clubs straight to your ears...So wanna feel a vibe of real club music... Then Grab your person VIP Teleport to Irie Vibes!!
QueenOfNarnia 7 months
Best set I've heard in OpenSim. So glad I came out tonight.