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Gor, the worlds of John Norman recreated in virtual worlds. A grid laid out as per the science fiction works of John Normans 34 books, all interconnected. Run your own Gorean city, village or farm as they did in the books. From Torvoldsland to Turia, the Voltai to the Thassa, the entire world of Gor in virtual worlds. ​Join us for metered role play, lifestyle & more. Interconnected lands and waterways for travel. Some of the best content in OpenSim and an actual community that work together to build a better place. 20 plus communities! Won't you be one of the cities on the Gorean Map to join us?

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Come join over 1000 other Goreans exploring the lands and seas of Counter Earth Grid. What's YOUR Gor? Come find out.
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BEST Gorean experience ! Meter made by the great Mychael Goodman who made the meters on SL and cracked the code on Opensim to make us a true Gorean meter. Great sense of community where all the people work together for a better Gor. BEAUTIFULLY built communities. WOW
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