Dollies HG

Dollies HG
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9 months ago

Gloebit enabled region. For Gloebit/hypergrid shoppers. Male and Female fashion, hair, shoes, lingerie, pants, skirts, jackets.
Luna Park, rollercoaster, party tent, Mall. Mesh fashion, clothes.

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Just saw something interesting ....... Curley is giving Mesh Hairs away !!! In many colours.
5 days ago - 0 comments
Enjoy Fashion !
7 days ago - 3 comments
New items at DOLLIES HG
7 days ago - 2 comments
Enjoy the atmosphere in our Zen Garden:)
8 months ago - 0 comments

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Duallingual 8 months ago
Meditate in the zen garden, so relaxing. Nice music too
Felicity 8 months ago
Great stuff.
BinaryHills 8 months ago
A lot of great content you can purchase here good quality. Mesh! Great customer support from Dolly. And they take gloebits! What more can I ask for!
DollyDot 8 months ago
Well you can ask a big kiss from Dolly, make the package complete:)
EagleWolf 8 months ago
the link provided doesn't work with the map :-(
DollyDot 8 months ago
Ah yes thanks:) I changed it !
BinaryHills 8 months ago
Thanks for the updated link working for me!

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Buying for real money in Opensim is stupid
Great Build Dolly. Love your new home.
I really like the design of the sim it does not feel like an opensim region. Feels more like a Second Life quality style region. I love the Zen Garden and Amusement Park. Also love the fact they take gloebits.
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